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Are you turning into your mother?

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Are you turning into your mother

Book Review: The Mills & Boon’ Modern Girl’s Guide to Turning Into Your Mother

Before I had children I used to read a reasonable amount.  In fact the last time a read an actual book was on our babymoon when pregnant with my first.  I read a whole book just on the flight and around three more on the holiday itself (only a five day break).  Once I start a book I have to read the whole thing.  I can’t do the read a few pages, pop a bookmark in and read a few more the next night.  Oh no.  I’m far too impatient!  I need to know what’s going to happen, so I must read in one go, or two, or three go’s maximum.  This is probably why I haven’t read anything since having children as I am always so manically busy I don’t have a few hours to spare to sit and read a book cover to cover.

mills boon modern girls guide turning into your mother review blog gift gui

I did, however, read this book cover to cover as soon as I opened it.  I meant to just read one or two pages once I opened it when the postman delivered it as I was making dinner, but I found it so amusing I read the whole thing as soon as it was in my hands.

It is a lot quicker to read than a story book.  It’s an easy to read A to Z guide of hilarious tongue in cheek captions next to black and white photographs.  I’m a big fan of sarcasm and love the subtle sarcastic tone of the jokes.

mills boon modern girls guide turning into your mother review blog gift gui

Being a Mum I found some of them so true and kept reading them out loud (and bah ha ha-ing) to Ben who didn’t find them quite as hilarious as I did.  Or he just found me super annoying (as he was trying to serve up the dinner I’d abandoned as I couldn’t put this book down) and was actually just ignoring me!

It’s a great stocking filler type gift for any modern mum this Mother’s Day and hopefully she’ll have a laugh or two (or plenty more as I did).

CLICK HERE to grab a hardcover copy for just £6.99 (or a kindle copy for £2.99)