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Hello, this is Me! The Face Behind Lylia Rose

So far I have never posted a picture of my face, well not one that isn’t hiding behind a face mask!  This is quite simply because I really don’t like my face or any photo of it.  So here are some very posed selfies from the best possible angles, though I look a little fish pouted in that first one, ha.

the real lylia rose

I just wanted you to know I am a real and normal person called Victoria.  I'm 28 and live with my fiancée Ben, 30, and we have a 23 month daughter, Bella.  We are in the process of moving house.  We are just waiting to exchange contracts and it will be my first ever house I have purchased so I'm very excited.  We will also have a garden for the first time in six years so I am extremely excited about this. Just in time for summer too!

I am a full-time day Mum to Bella, work evenings and focus on my Lylia Rose ladies fashion accessories shop in all my spare time.  I retrained last year to become a child minder through a fast track college course approved by the local council.  I also completed a level 3 qualification in childcare and education to enhance my qualifications and knowledge.  Once moved I will start my childcare business preparations (building a playroom & designing the website).  Hopefully all will go well and I will be child minding by the end of the year.  I will of course still run the accessory shop and UK lifestyle blogat Lylia Rose during evenings and weekends!


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  1. You're beautiful and have no reason to fear the camera! But I understand I feel the same way. You are a busy lady, my life is similar. Good luck moving and with childminding!

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  2. It's nice to see the person behind the blog and shop :)! Although I'm like you and feel a bit uncomfortable showing my face to everyone so I just have pics of my cats instead :). Hope the move goes well xx

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