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Isa Marie Natural Handmade Skincare Review

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Good to skin natural beauty products

I was very honoured to receive some natural skincare samples from the lovely Marianne at Isa Marie Skincare.  Isa Marie is a natural skincare brand whose face, bath and skin products are handmade using only natural products. 

Disappointed with the number of chemicals many shop bought lotions and potions contained, Marianne set about to make her own.  The first product created was an exfoliating scrub which made her skin so soft and healthy with a wonderful glow, a passion was born to further her knowledge and thus expand the range.  Friends and family tried the products and were so impressed Marianne was inspired to begin the Isa Marie Skincare brand. 

lylia rose reviews isa marie handmade natural skincare

As well as being tested by friends, family and Marianne herself, the products have all passed a Cosmetic Safety Assessment and comply with current UK & EU Cosmetic Products Regulations.  So you can rest assured you are purchasing a totally healthy, natural and regulated product at all times!

I, too, have recently been shocked by the number of chemicals within many cosmetic and skincare products.  I have discovered shocking statistics which indicate the average women exposes her skin to 300 or more chemicals per day.  Wow!  This is an insane amount.  Apparently it also only takes these chemicals around 26 seconds to work their way into your blood stream.  Figures like this really scare me and I’m keen to learn more of what these chemicals really are.

lylia rose reviews isa marie handmade natural skincare
I have already, hopefully, become ‘paraben-free’ over the last year.  This now involves me reading the ingredients list for every single product I want to purchase to ensure there are no ingredients ending in paraben.  There are around five paraben ingredients I have noticed and they are seriously in everything.  I even had to dispose of a lot of well-known brands I already owned and now refuse to buy these.  There’s a ton of information about parabens and their potential link to cancer, particularly breast cancer, on the internet if you want to know more.  Luckily many brands are recognising the harm they may do, removing them from products and clearly stating paraben free on the packaging.  Let’s hope more chemicals are removed!

I was sent four amazing products to sample – bath salts, mineral mud mask, exfoliating cleanser and a bath truffle.  The products came in branded packaging with sweet silk bows attached.  The adorable pots are sitting very prettily on my bathroom side!

The products arrived very quickly, well packaged and Marianne kept me well informed of progress at all times.  Her communication is exceptional.

 lylia rose reviews isa marie handmade natural skincare

lylia rose reviews isa marie handmade natural skincare

Mineral Mud Mask
I first whipped open the Mineral Mud Mask.  This handmade mud mask contains Dead Sea mud and grapefruit seed extract.  Having just moved house with rather a lot of hiccups along the way, my skin, along with my whole self, was totally stressed out.  A good deep clean was exactly what was needed.  I applied a satisfactory layer.  I didn’t apply it too generously as it looked so good I want to use it as much as possible!  The mask is a dream to apply with its smooth and silky wet mud texture.  It took around 10 minutes to dry without making my skin shrivel up like some do!  Using a warm and damp microfiber flannel I gently wiped the mask away to reveal a totally radiant complexion.  The results were so instantaneous I was rather amazed.  I see exactly why Marianne and her friends are so impressed with the products.  I can only imagine how good their skin must be through constant use.

 lylia rose reviews isa marie handmade natural skincare

Exfoliating Cleanser
The exfoliating cleanser is handmade containing natural ingredients such as peach kernel oil and grapefruit seed extract.  It is suitable for all skin types to reveal a fresh new layer of skin after use.  I have used this scrub a few times now and my skin just seems to be improving every day.  The texture is slightly grainy (for exfoliation) but still surprisingly soft and smooth to apply.  I dampen my face with a warm flannel, apply a good two fingertips full and massage over my face for a few minutes to really exfoliate.  I then remove with the flannel to reveal much fresher looking, softer skin each and every time.  My skin also feels fully cleansed.  Much more so than a regular cleansing cream.

 lylia rose reviews isa marie handmade natural skincare

Lavender & Lemon Bath Salts / Lemon Bath Truffle
OK so I’ll admit - I used these two products in the same bath!  I used a good sprinkling of bath salts and added the bath truffle.  I’ve never used a bath truffle before so wasn’t sure what to expect.  It began excitedly fizzing away like a bath bomb and needed a little help to crumble away.  It smelt really delicious.
The bath salts are handmade with Epsom Salts, Himalayan Crystal Salt and Dead Sea Salt.  I was sent lemon and lavender which was so totally relaxing I could have actually fallen asleep without hesitation had I a bath pillow!  The bath salts contained rose petals which floated around making the bath seem even more luxurious and indulgent.
Luckily I was straight off to bed after my soak and was incredibly relaxed and soothed with thanks to these products.

I really am very impressed with the Isa Marie Skincare range.  The products totally exceeded my expectations and I love the fact they are all handmade and natural.  The packaging is so sweet they would make perfect gifts.  You can even request the packaging has a personalised label making an even more perfectly unique gift.

I have actually just treated myself to a lime salt scrub from the website!  Totally looking forward to this refreshing sounding scrub in an upcoming shower.  Review soon!

Before I go I’d like to congratulate Marianne on her recent #SBS win!  #SBS is a competition ran by entrepreneur Theo Paphitis (most famously known for his appearance on TV’s Dragons Den) in which he picks six small businesses per week to win his #SBS award.  Hundreds of small businesses apply each week so it truly is an honour to be picked.  Having now sampled Isa Marie Skincare products I can honestly say Marianne totally deserved to win and I wish her every success.  Well done!