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The Big Update – Why I Stopped Blogging

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Why I took a break from blogging because of hyperemsis gravidarum

I have thought of writing this post for a while but was debating it as it’s a lot more personal than anything I’ve written before (mainly things I like and reviews).  But for those who wondered where my blog disappeared to, here goes…

I last blogged in July, so quite a while! It’s because I have very exciting news – I’m pregnant with my second child, a beautiful baby boy due in March!

I had to take a big break from my blog as I sadly suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum.  This is extreme pregnancy sickness, not the standard morning sickness most people seem to think the condition refers to.  I was sick several times per hour from around week seven, regardless of whether I ate or drank.  This condition is so severe it means the usual remedies for morning sickness do not work, such as travel bands, ginger, peppermint, etc.  You name it and I bet you I tried it all in my first pregnancy!

This time round it was far worse.  I became so sick I could barely stand up without almost blacking out.  Within four weeks I went from just over 9 stone to 8 stone becoming terribly weak.  At 5'7 I looked skeletal on my frame. I finally gave in and went to the doctors who immediately admitted me to hospital, popping me on a fast flowing drip! Wow. Drips are amazing!  I felt better within one hour!  I was kept in for 24 hours and filled with the drip goodness, after which I felt like a different person.  The women beside me in hospital could not believe the difference.

You may wonder why I waited so long to go to the doctors. 

During my first pregnancy I was non stop back and forth to the doctors who constantly sent me home with another set of tablets that did not work.  I was never dehydrated enough to warrant going to hospital so had to just suffer the sickness.  I feared this would just happen again this time so didn’t want to waste my time or very little energy!  By the time I could barely stand up I knew things were much worse this time.  I had dangerous levels of ketones so I was kept in until these had disappeared.

The sickness continued once I left hospital, but nowhere near as bad. Stronger sickness tablets were fed through the drip and they actually worked (most of the time).  Luckily I have stopped them now as I really detested taking them.  I’m now only sick around once a day. Yay!  The nausea has gone and I don’t always 'feel sick’ so I can kind of get on with things as normal, well until the tiredness hits me around 5pm! The joys of pregnancy!  I’m 30 weeks pregnant this week and I just don’t think the sickness will stop this time.  It ended by 22 weeks with my first.

So that’s my giant personal update of why I stopped blogging.  As I am not my usual size (or self) I have not felt like doing any fashion posts.  I am mostly in huge pairs of tights, long vests and baggy jumpers… comfort all the way!

Why I took a break from blogging because of hyperemsis gravidarum

My blog direction is changing too

Regular readers will notice my beauty posts have started to change too.  I have become concerned with the levels of chemicals in most products leading to me going SLS and paraben free.  Well, this has somewhat become a passion, or perhaps obsession, in recent months (along with more chemical free wholesome organic food).  I now only use natural chemical free skin care products.  I have started changing my makeup to organic natural based products.  So far just my primer and concealer – one item at a time as it’s rather a costly process!  My skin is definitely thanking me for it and has improved greatly, 99% spot free now, finally!

I’m not sure where exactly I’ll go with my blog from now on.  I have become very passionate recently about healthy eating, adopting mainly a plant-based whole foods diet.  This has led to recent purchases of a juicer and blender as well as far more cooking from scratch. 

Oh and we have now have Abel & Cole organic fruit and veg delivered weekly – very impressed so far!  We made our first wholemeal pizzas the other day which were totally delicious & so easy to make.  I also made some healthy raw chocolate brownies which would totally satisfy any chocolate cravings and only had four ingredients – yum!  So I think perhaps my blog will be taking a more wholesome turn. 

I may start sharing my natural beauty finds along with some scrumptious smoothie, juice & food recipes.  What do you think?

As baby is due in March I will no longer blog as often as I used to (sometimes several times per week), but will perhaps aim for once per week.  The posts may become a little sporadic once the baby arrives!  I am certain a new born and two year old will keep me very entertained for a couple of months :)

So there it is - my first lifestyle blog post and explanation of where my blog posts disappeared to!

(Update - Since writing this I changed the direction of my blog dramatically as well as my lifestyle choices. I deleted hundreds of old blog posts which no longer representmy natural wholesome beliefs)