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How I have grown since starting my UK lifestyle blog

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Gosh.  How I have changed since starting this blog…

So last night I was flicking through my blog from the beginning posts.  Even though it’s only been a year and a half I have grown and changed a lot!

Looking at my old beauty posts, I would now not use more than half of the items.  I have become passionate about using chemical free beauty products which are preferably handmade from small businesses and even organic where possible.  I really believe what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in, especially as many of the chemicals you put on your skin actually end up absorbed into your blood!  Shocking isn’t it!

How I have grown since starting a UK lifestyle blog

I also seemed to write quite a few chocolate or sweet treat posts.  Well I’m not perfect and I did indulge more than I should in such treats over Christmas, but day to day I now rarely eat such sugary snacks.  I prefer to munch on my beloved Nakd bars, fruit, nuts or one of my favourites is pure nut butter (such as almond or cashew) on oat or rice crackers. 

I’m vegetarian and have always been interested in healthy eating whilst loving nearly all vegetables and fruits.  This love has definitely exploded in recent months and I now follow a mainly plant based & wholefoods diet full of nutritional goodness.  I mostly only drink still mineral water and have cut out coffee and tea which I used to drink daily. 

It sounds strange but I feel cleaner inside and my skin is now absolutely wonderful.  At the start of my blog I was suffering from a lot of breakouts and I now don’t believe the chemical laden products or sugary foods I consumed were helping at all.  My skin didn’t magically clear up overnight, I don’t think that’s ever possible, but certainly a lot quicker and more noticeable than when I was using the mainstream shop bought products.  I now struggle to find a spot on my face which is incredible.

Ben and I were also takeaway fiends!  I say that, but we used to eat around two per week so still probably a lot better than most.  Our absolute favourite was Dominos.  Go back two years and we were probably eating one per week plus another takeaway another night, usually a burger or chippy chips.  Well this has long stopped.  At first we decided to have ‘payday’ pizza, so we would just limit it to payday or special occasions.  Then we really got into our healthy eating kick and virtually stopped altogether.  We had one on New Year’s Eve as a special treat and before that I think we’d not had one since September!  Really amazing considering how much we used to eat.  To be honest, I don’t even fancy them now.  Now we are eating considerably better I really notice the negative effects if I have greasy food and the satisfied feeling is definitely short lived whilst not as pleasurable.

So as you can see what I used to post about and what I am now going to blog about will be rather different.  I want a more wholesome, cleaner life inside and out.  I’ve even slowly been changing our household products to more environmentally friendly plant based products.  It’s great to make such changes and feel like a difference is being made.

My new style blog posts have begun.  I will complete posts filled with a few of my favourite foods, nutrition information, natural body products, fab items I have bought or anything that fascinates me!

I hope you will continue to read my new style blog and thank you for being a part of it!