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Wholefoods Valentines Treats from my Husband

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Discovering Peppersmith Chewing Gum with Xylitol

Mmmmm here are my naughty(ish) Valentine’s Day treats from Ben.  I didn’t expect anything as we don’t usually do anything, except maybe cook a nice meal or have a takeaway, so this was a lovely surprise.

lylia rose valentines gifts wholefoods thornotons peppersmith

Ben knows how my eating habits have changed over the past few months and I want to cut out lots of questionable ingredients.  With this in mind he went to Wholefoods to buy the crisps, choccie and chewing gum.  There was also a Thorntons chocolate heart and a single rose.  Very sweet!

Here’s what I gave Ben…!

funny typography valentines card

Find this fab card & many more here:

He wasn’t trying to tell me anything by buying me chewing gum!  I like to have a piece after meals to freshen my breath and I've been wondering for ages if there’s a better alternative to the mainstream brands of gums.  These all contain lots of bad for you sweeteners, including aspartame, so I did not want to buy them anymore. Ben saw the Peppersmith chewing gums in Wholefoods and thought I’d like to try.

Peppersmith Natural Healthy Chewing Gums with Xylitol

These Peppersmith chewing gums contain xylitol, a natural sweetener that is also meant to reduce plaque rather than cause it.  Peppersmith say ’It is a completely safe ingredient (as certified by the World Health Organisation) without the side effects of controversial artificial sweeteners like aspartame. It’s not only naturally derived but also sustainably sourced, has fewer calories than sugar (about 40% less) and has a low GI (of 7).’ 

This xylitol stuff definitely sounds much better than artificial sweeteners used in other chewing gums!  Interestingly some fruits naturally contain xylitol, such as strawberries, which I’ve heard are a ‘natural toothpaste’ before.

The boxes are easier to find in my bag than regular packets and one even contained a little booklet.  I ignored this little booklet poking out for a couple of days as I thought it was a list of ingredients or similar.  Then I decided to have a look.  Turns out it was a little paper booklet with tear out sheets so you have something to discard your gum in.  How clever!  No more being stuck in an awkward situation with chewed out flavourless gum and nothing to dispose of it in!

The flavours don’t last as long as the mainstream gums I’m used to and they are a little tougher, but I quickly got used to this and it’s an easy sacrifice to make for a healthier natural alternative.