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Why I Love Sweet Potatoes

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The benefits of sweet potatoes and why I'm hooked

Sweet potatoes seem to be everywhere right now.  I’ve noticed them popping up on menus, in pubs especially, whereas a few years back they’d not have been on the menu at all.  It’s definitely not a bad thing as the sweet variety is super tasty offering some great vitamins and a lot of manganese.

I first tried these delicious sweet potatoes whilst on holiday in Los Angeles, USA.  The bars served them with marshmallow dip (yep really) and although strange, they were so moreish!  I won't be eating them ever again with sugar filled marshmallow dip as I've cut out refined sugar , but since then I have been hooked on this orange variety of potatoes.

Why are sweet potatoes so good for you?

They are particularly high in vitamin A.  One regular sized sweet potato can provide four times the recommended daily amount of vitamin A, but a white potato contains 0%.  Some of the reasons we need vitamin A are:

  • Great for your skin (retinoid produces collagen which can keep wrinkles at bay!)
  • Keeps eyes & skin moist
  • Improves night vision
  • Boosting immune function

sweet potato chunks & homemade avacado tomato & onion dip lylia ros

Sweet potatoes are also much higher in vitamin C than white potatoes, providing over a third of our daily allowance in one serving.  Some of the reasons we need vitamin C are:

  • Boosts immune system
  • Powerful Antioxidant
  • Helps the body absorb iron, particularly non-haem, more readily
  • Wound healing

They are also remarkably high in manganese, providing around 50% of our daily intake in just one medium sized potato.  Manganese is great for:

  • Optimal skin health & healing skin
  • Bone production
  • Activating enzymes required for digestion
  • Energy production
  • A feeling of well-being

Even with all this in mind, we still tend to buy white potatoes most of the time.  This is of course fine as they provide so much goodness too, including more iron and potassium, so both types are great for your health.  I’m going to make a conscious effort to buy more organic sweet potatoes from now on as it’s great to have the variety (and the amount of vitamin A provided is rather impressive!).