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The Raw Chocolate Company Review: Orange Raw Chocolate sweetened with Xylitol

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Healthy chocolate that's good for your teeth.  Can it be true?

I was planning on writing a post about this company's other delicious raw chocolate bars. I thought they were perhaps the best chocolate bars around as they contain coconut palm sugar instead of regular refined cane sugar. Then I discovered these Orange Raw Chocolate bars with NO sugar.

You read right... no sugar at all.

These bars contain minimal ingredients but do not compromise on taste. In fact, they are created using only four ingredients; cacao, xylitol, virgin cacao butter & orange oil.  If you are less used to dark chocolate then the taste of this 70% cacao bar may take a little getting used to. It's worth it though for the quality of the ingredients.  They will happily satisfy a chocolate craving whilst also being rather nutritious, and good for your teeth!

the raw chocolate company raw orange chocolate with xylitol

Healthy chocolate bar ingredients

I've blogged about cacao before. It's amazing and a far better choice than refined cocoa. Being raw it maintains a higher level of nutrients including antioxidants, essential minerals, protein, fibre and even mood boosting chemicals! Raw chocolate is the way forward.

The xylitol is used to sweeten the taste instead of regular really-bad for-you sugar. It is derived from Finnish birch trees and totally natural. It has a much lower GI than refined sugar and is actually good for oral health.  Xylitol reduces plaque causing bacteria in saliva.

the raw chocolate company - raw orange chocolate with xylitol

The orange oil provides a rather overwhelming orange flavour. On first taste this flavour was so strong, I wasn't sure if I was a fan. However, the more I ate, the more I became used to this stronger natural orangey flavour.  It's very different to a standard artificially orange flavoured milk chocolate bar, but becomes just as moreish surprisingly quickly!

Why I love dark chocolate

The best thing about dark chocolate bars is you only need to eat a small amount to be satisfied.  I could quite easily polish off a family sized Dairy Milk bar, but I only need a few squares of raw dark chocolate to keep me just as happy. So although these raw chocolate bars appear to be small and expensive, they are full of health benefits and can last much longer.

The Raw Chocolate Company are one of my newest go to places for healthy raw sweet treats.