Quick + easy vegan feta mushroom salad

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Quick + easy vegan feta mushroom salad

I love being able to make quick, easy and super tasty vegan meals, especially for lunch.  Working full time from home and taking care of little ones means I like convenient lunch meals that are healthy and tasty, but don’t require me to spend any longer in the kitchen than necessary.

I seem to spend a lot of time cleaning up and cooking in the kitchen throughout the day, so lunch time is a chance to make a quicker meal with minimal mess.

For this meal, tomato puree is your friend.  I always have a few tubes in the fridge and it’s surprising what you can add it too with a slab of vegan cheese to make a really tasty meal.  In this meal it was a Portobello mushroom!

This has been one of my favourite lunches to make since having my new baby boy.  Life can be so hectic and busy with a new baby, but it's important to remember to eat well and get all the important nutrients your body needs.

This meal is colourful, delicious, refreshing and so satisfying.

Quick + easy vegan feta Portobello mushroom salad

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Doesn't it look so appetising?

This meal is so good if you are a fan of mushrooms, and the best part is it's very quick to make.

How to make this yummy vegan mushroom salad

Here's what to do.  It's so easy!

Pour a little olive oil over a ginormous mushroom, add a swirl of tomato purée, top with green pepper, vegan feta, a sprinkle of grated vegan cheese and a twist of black pepper.

I popped this one in a preheated 200 degree fan oven for around ten minutes, with a few carrot slices thrown in the tray too to take the edge off the crunch. 

You could choose to grill the mushroom too if you prefer.  Just grill the bottom side first, then add your toppings and grill the top of the mushroom until the cheese melts.

We love Violife grated vegan cheese for things like this.  It's the nicest grated vegan cheese we have found so far, but there's quite a bit of choice around so you can find the flavour that works best for you.  Check out your local health food stores for vegan versions of your favourite cheese or go wild and visit a vegan market to discover some really cool artisan vegan cheeses.

My husband Ben called this one my mushroom pizza!

It kind of is.  A pizza on a mushroom!

You can add anything else you fancy to it too, such as onion and garlic. I served this one on a bed of green lettuce, vine cherry tomatoes, slightly heated carrots and green pepper.  But it's totally flexible to whatever you have in the fridge at the time.  So long as you have the mushroom topped with the delicious tomato puree and melted vegan cheese, then you're onto a winner!

Super simple, really satisfying and delicious!

Why not try my Green Goodness Smoothie to wash it down?



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Quick + easy vegan feta mushroom salad