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Whole Foods Review: Pulsin' Raw Brownie & Protein Bite

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Whole Foods Review: Pulsin' Raw Brownie & Protein Bite

Wouldn't it be great if you could enjoy chocolatey snacks that are actually good for you and contain no yucky ingredients?  Doesn't it seem that all tasty sweet snacks contain horrible added refined sugar that is terrible for our health?  Not anymore!  There is a whole food revolution happening right now as consumers demand to know what is in their products and want a truly healthier option instead!  Luckily Pulsin' have filled this spot with their tasty, nutritious and often chocolatey healthy snacks:

I've just tried a couple of yummy Pulsin' bars for the very first time. I purchased the brownie online from The Raw Chocolate Shop and the protein bite was in a prize bundle I won from

Looking on their website, Pulsin' use high quality, natural and lots of organic ingredients. They aim to create affordable, healthy and energising snacks for the whole family.  They certainly seem to have achieved this. I was also excited to discover they are based in Gloucestershire, where I live!

pulsin raw chocolate brownie almond raisin blog review lylia rose protein v

I didn't realise at first, but the raw brownie is part of a range of different flavoured brownies. The one I purchased was almond and raisin.  They have other amazing looking flavours on their website, so I'm just going to have to taste test more!  The brownie I tried was truly awesome.  It's the most chocolatey raw brownie I've had to date.  Really delicious and full of fantastic natural, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free ingredients; win-win.

The Vanilla Choc Chip Protein Snack is described as a 'delicious, protein packed alternative to a chocolate bar'.  Well it was pretty delicious, but in my opinion, nowhere near as delicious, moreish or chocolatey as the brownie. I'd much prefer the brownie as my alternative to a chocolate bar.  This snack is full of protein so you feel pleasantly energised and satisfied without the crazy sugar rush of normal chocolate.  It's super sweet so will be favoured by anyone with a sweet tooth.

I'm really impressed with Pulsin' and will be stocking up on these yummy brownie bars soon.

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