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Elements for Life Raw Hot Chocolate Review

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Elements For Life Original Raw Hot Chocolate Review

Did you know you can enjoy hot chocolate without the guilt of it being bad for you or full of sugar?  It's true!  There are more and more brands cottoning on to the fact that refined sugar is really bad for our health and natural minimally processed whole foods are the way forward.  As more of us become more health conscious and there is a rise in 'clean eating' it doesn't mean we have to stop enjoying our favourite treats.  Luckily we can still enjoy a delicious cup of hot cocoa without the guilt and instead reap the benefits of raw cacao powder, instead of damaging our bodies with over processed sugar filled regular off-the-shelf hot chocolates.
I'm sure I could make my own using raw cacao powder, but I cheated and purchased this Original Raw Hot Chocolate by Elements For Life as it sounded delicious.  Cacao powder mixed with coconut blossom sugar and Madagascan bourbon vanilla.  A perfectly sweet, chocolatey, yummy blend.  

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I gently heated some Rude Health Oat Drink to mix with mine, but any milk would be good.  To keep it raw just use cold milk or very slightly heated.  I think if you overheat the cacao you'll lose some of its antioxidants, so this is why keeping things 'raw' is much better for you.  Still, this drink is way better nutritionally than many regular cocoa hot chocolates, so I went wild and had a rather hot version.  Truly delicious.

No weird ingredients

I made one for Ben too.  I was hoping he would approve as he drinks hot chocolate quite a lot.  I read the ingredients on one of the pots of his and couldn't believe the amount of rubbish listed.  I probably bring it up far too much with him, but surely it was just cocoa and a couple of innocent ingredients? Oh no, there was a whole stack of weird sounding ingredients and E numbers!  We were pretty shocked. There were literally over FIFTEEN dodgy sounding ingredients. Craziness. Hopefully he will now convert to this scrumptious raw hot chocolate instead!

Easy to make

It's super simple to make. Ben even bought me a milk pan to make things even easier as we don't have a microwave!  I heated the oat milk on the hob and added just a little to 1.5 tablespoons of powder. I stirred until smooth & added the rest of the milk. A good stir and it was ready to drink. A really warming, satisfying, natural chocolate hot drink!  I think I could easily double up on the amount of powder I used to make it more intense.  Just to note, I used a tall mug for mine, so a bit larger than your average mug!

Great for shakes too

On Elements For Life's website they also suggest blending with milk and ice for a raw chocolate shake. Great idea!  This is next on my agenda and I'm certain it will be delicious.  I'll also be experimenting with my raw cacao powder to invent my own raw hot choc recipes. Yum!
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