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I've Started 'Oil Pulling'

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Coconut Oil Pulling
Whilst being intrigued by the many ways I can use my coconut oil and researching different uses on the web, I stumbled across a term I'd never heard of before; oil pulling.  Well now I was very intrigued indeed.  I instantly googled this term to see what on earth it was.  I also found some great videos on YouTube showing exactly how to do it.
Oil pulling is the practice of swishing a tablespoons worth of oil back and forth between your teeth in a sucking motion.  This should be a lot less vigorous than how you'd use regular mouthwash.  It should be performed for 20 minutes first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.  The best oils to use are apparently sesame, sunflower or coconut.  Coconut is my choice for flavour and it also has natural antibacterial properties. Once complete, the oil should be discarded as waste rather than down a drain, so as not to clog the pipes (never swallow the oil as its full of all the bad bacteria, toxins and impurities).  Then rinse well with warm water and brush teeth as normal.
Sounds bizarre right? So what does it do? Well, the mouth is home to a huge amount of bacteria (good and bad) and is also its main entry point to our bodies.  Our immune systems work to fight off any bad bacteria which we swallow.  This bacteria tends to be at its height in our mouths in the morning, before we start eating food and swallowing.  The bacteria on our teeth and in our mouth stick to the oil as its swished around and is thus removed.  This not only benefits our oral health, but boosts our immune system and improves our overall health.  Toxins, impurities and plaque are removed, whilst teeth are also naturally whitened.  This all sounded pretty good to me so I've started oil pulling!
I've done this for three days so far and can instantly tell my teeth are smoother and shinier.  I thought they looked a little whiter, but I think I'm imagining this.  I think the whiter teeth will take a while to show!  People who have done this process for a year or so have noticed a definite improvement in whiteness and oral health.  Other people claim it's improved other conditions such as headaches, migraines and acne.  I'm not sure there have been any extensive studies, so it's a case of taking their word for it and finding out for yourself!
I'm going to keep this up to try and improve my oral health and whiten my teeth.  If it does also improve my overall health then this is a bonus.  If it works, I'll report back with my findings be it a month, few months or year away!

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