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Cutest Supermarket Trip Ever

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cutest shopping trip ever melissa & doug mini shopping trolley lylia ro

How adorable is this?! We took Bella's miniature Melissa and Doug shopping trolley to the supermarket a couple of weeks ago so she could do her own shopping!

We've been potty training the past two and a half weeks (thankfully we've cracked it this time), and thought she would feel more involved and up for it this time if she chose her own knickers.  We then thought she could even buy them herself and use her own trolley so she felt more in control!
It was cute to say the least, though my poor ankles got a few bashings!  The best thing was making so many people smile.  Bella cruised around the store as though she fitted in perfectly with all the other shoppers and their normal sized trolleys.  She wasn't fazed at all!  Everyone who passed us smiled at Bella, remarking how sweet her little trolley was!  It was a fab idea just to brighten so many peoples days!
(Please note - I do brush Bella's hair, it's just naturally wild, wavy and fluffy and does whatever it likes!)