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Review: The Very Useful Skip Hop Stroller Handle

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Review: The Very Useful Skip Hop Stroller Handle

Getting around with two little people instead of one definitely takes a little getting used to.  At first I found walking Bella to playgroup and back a little tricky.  We have a four wheeler travel system for Reuben which has smallish plastic wheels; not those roll over and up anything without effort large rubber tyre ones!  So ours is pretty impossible to lift up curbs or steer one handed, other than in a straight line, whilst I also try to hold Bella's hand.

This means briefly letting go of Bella's hand sometimes whilst I try to manoeuvre the blooming thing, which I'm obviously not always comfortable with.  Luckily I’ve found a great solution!

This Skip Hop Stroller Handle fits on to the side of the pram and is the perfect solution!  It attached easily and can also be used on supermarket trolleys. It's a bright, fun and funky owl handle for young children to hold on to.  

Review: The Very Useful Skip Hop Stroller Handle

I was worried Bella might not want to hold on. She's now two years and ten months and often likes to promote her independence!  So I made the handle 'hers' from day one. 'What's that Mum?' She asked, already intrigued when it arrived. I told her it was her new owl handle for Reuben's pram which she must hold onto and take good care of.  Bella instantly wanted to attach it to the pram and was keen to go for a walk, success!  

Even at two years old she seems more keen and proud to hold on to her new owl handle rather than Mummy's hand!  (She's also started calling me 'Mum' recently - far too soon!)

15/07/17 Update: Bella is now 5 years old and we STILL use this handle!  She still holds on for every walk with the pram.  Reuben is now two and goes in the pram half the time and has even got out and held this owl handle himself whilst we push an empty pram along the path!  It was such a great buy and we've used it for almost two and a half years, pretty much daily.

Oh, and Reuben has always called me Mum, never Mummy!