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Amazing Superfoods | Matcha Green Tea

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Amazing Superfoods | Matcha Green Tea
Since recently discovering my new love for green tea, I've already found something even better called 'matcha green tea'.  I kept seeing this 'matcha' version pop up in adverts and even in marketing tweets, but I never knew it was any different to regular green tea.  Even though they come from the same plant it turns out the matcha green tea is processed differently to standard green tea and is way better for you.
Matcha green tea leaves are less processed than regular green tea leaves so they maintain more antioxidants and nutrients.  These leaves are then ground down into a fine powder which is called matcha.  This powder is absorbed directly into our bodies when consumed so we reap all the benefits, unlike regular green tea where the tea leaves are discarded after use, along with many of the nutrients.  
Some tea bags I recently purchased contain regular green tea plus matcha powder.  The matcha powder dissolves in the water so it is easily absorbed by the body along with its antioxidants.  You can also buy matcha powder by itself to add to smoothies and foods.  It's possible to make a tea with the powder by mixing a teaspoon in hot water, (wait a couple of minutes until a boiled kettle has cooled slightly) with a non dairy milk such as almond.  It should make a frothy tasty tea.
The levels of antioxidants in matcha are truly outstanding!  Matcha contains 137 times more of the antioxidant EGCG than regular green tea, which is linked to reduced signs of ageing, good heart health and an improved metabolism. It has six times the antioxidants of goji berries and 60 times those of spinach.  It helps to fight off cancer as these antioxidant levels are so amazingly high. Free radicals don't stand a chance! On top of that it provides long lasting energy with less caffeine than a cup of coffee, lots of skin clearing chlorophyll and mood boosting L-theanine.  Pretty impressive hey?!
matcha clearspring green tea bags lylia rose healthy food superfoods blog
I bought my first box of 20 tea bags and I've had 1-3 cups each day for the past week.  I definitely feel way more energised, without experiencing that dreaded energy slump that coffee always gives.  It's also a pleasantly refreshing drink if the tea bag is brewed for only 1-2 minutes.  This stops the taste from becoming too bitter.  I find it a calming drink and I feel nice after drinking it, rather than a bit hectic-fuzzy headed when I drink coffee!