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Coconut Oil | My Top 5 Beauty Uses

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My 5 Favourite Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil
1. In Shower Moisturiser
Rub a Malteser sized amount over legs and arms whilst in the shower for super smooth skin that lasts days!  Be careful though as your bath or shower floor may become rather slippy.
2. Make Up Remover
Rub a pea size amount all over your face and wipe off with a warm wet flannel.  It even removes eye makeup!  I do this in the shower every morning as it's much easier than over a sink.  It also makes your face amazingly soft.  If any eye make up is left, I just use a cotton pad with a little coconut oil on afterwards.  It's solid, but melts as it touches the face.
3. Lip Balm
It softens my lips whilst used on my face in the shower, but you can add a little extra to your lips at any point for softness and gloss!
4. Mouthwash
Yep, but not how you'd imagine! See my 'oil pulling' blog post by clicking here.
5. Hair Protector 
Great for protecting your hair from sun damage.  Smooth it through wet beach or pool hair to keep it super conditioned.  It will make it rather greasy (for a couple of days from experience) so best saved for beach days only!