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Purple Sprouting Broccoli | First Tastes

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purple headed broccoli lylia rose blog food blogger organic lifestyle

purple sprouting broccoli lylia rose blog food blogger organic lifestyle

Purple Sprouting Broccoli | First Tastes

Last week we received purple sprouting broccoli in our Able and Cole veg box.  Yep, it really is very purple! The ideal vegetable for purple lovers and so very pretty indeed for broccoli.  It looks fab served up and would definitely be a great talking point for a dinner party! 
I'd never purchased or tried purple broccoli before this.  It's long stemmed which is even better in my opinion.  I love all broccoli but I particularly like the green long stemmed version, which is scrumptious cooked in olive oil and sprinkled with chilli flakes!
The nutrient content of purple broccoli is pretty amazing.  It is particularly high in vitamin C, but also contains vitamin A and B vitamins. It's mineral content is impressive including iron, calcium and zinc.  It also contains good levels of fibre and folic acid.  I've found a couple of reports and studies which claim there are higher amounts of antioxidants in the purple version, but they also noted these higher levels depleted quicker from the purple version if boiled.
I served the purple broccoli alongside a baked sweet potato with butter and mixed veg.  I simply steamed for ten minutes to cook.  Steamed veg sure tastes a lot better than boiled, is far less watery and retains more nutrients, so steam if you can.  I found it quite similar in taste and texture to green broccoli.  It's no doubt broccoli, but has some slight differences.   It has a little more crunch (unless you overcook).  It tastes less cabbagey which is a plus.  It's also perhaps a little sweeter tasting, though that could have been the overpowering taste of the sweet potatoes tricking me!  It's certainly yummy though and the colour is just fantastic.
Have you tried purple sprouting broccoli?  It's only in season until May so don't miss out!