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Super Simple Whole Orange & Baobab Juice

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Yummy Whole Orange Juice with Aduna Baobab Powder
For a delicious and super healthy orange juice in the morning, use a blender!  I blend a couple of organic Abel & Cole oranges with a heaped teaspoon of Aduna baobab.  This creates a frothy, pithy, tangy scrumptious morning juice.
If you hate 'bits' or the pith, then you are not going to like this.  I use a super thick eco straw to drink this. A regular sized straw is going to get clogged!  To make a larger drink, just blend with some water too.  This can also help tone down the thick consistency and make it easier to drink.  I quite like the thick pithy texture, but it may take some getting used to if you prefer smooth drinks.
Blending the oranges keeps the pith in the drink which is super good for you.  The pith contains fibre which slows the release of sugar into your blood stream.  This is more body friendly than the sugar rush you would receive if juiced.  It is more filling too, so you can consume less oranges than regular juice.  The pith also contains just as much vitamin C as the flesh.
Oranges contains lots of antioxidants and phytonutrients.  The most important phytonutrient in oranges is a flavonoid called hesperidin.  Hesperidin can lower blood pressure and has anti inflammatory properties.  Most of it is contained in the peel and white flesh, so is removed if juiced.  Blend your peeled orange with the pith and you will receive this amazing phytonutrient.  For even more goodness, and if you dare, add a little shaved peel.  Hesperidin works in conjunction with vitamin C in our bodies, so luckily it's in oranges which have lots of this lovely vitamin!
I add a teaspoon of baobab for even more vitamin C and as a great energy boost. Read more about the amazing benefits of baobab by clicking here!