Child friendly surface cleaner

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Child friendly surface cleaner
Once I started to care more about what I put in and on my body, it was only natural for me to start wondering about what I breathe into my body.
First I stopped using a plug-in air freshener filled with toxic chemicals last year as I am certain it was making my throat sore. I now only use natural plant based scented candles and essential oil incense sticks instead.
Next I started to worry about the surface sprays I regularly used around the home, which had a pretty noticeable chemical smell.  It just can't be good to breathe these in several times a day.
I'd also much rather my toddler and baby weren't breathing in any unnecessary chemicals too.  I began to change over to more natural plant-based cleaning products a few months back and now wherever possible we only use non-toxic and plant-based cleaning products in our home.  They are usually a little pricier, but I believe it's worth it to protect our health and the environment. 
After all, once we have used them in our home they are washed off into the environment or end up in landfill causing harm to wildlife, polluting land, air, soil and water.  Using chemical laden surface sprays at home is bad for us and the planet.
Having become more eco-conscious with my cleaning routine at home, I was very keen to review Eco Diva's Ultimate Eco Cleaner when they approached me.

Eco Diva eco-friendly cleaner review

Eco Diva eco-friendly cleaner review
The best thing about the Eco Diva Ultimate Cleaner is the fact it comes in a concentrated bottle.  One bottle of concentrate makes 14 whole spray bottles.  There's no need to worry about buying cleaner for months, plus you also reduce plastic production and consumption.  This is so much more environmentally friendly and the way all similar products should be made going forward.
It does seem quite expensive at first to buy the starter pack or the concentrate, but when you think about how many bottles you get, it's actually cheaper in the long run.  I was easily spending £2-£3 on other environmentally friendly surface cleaners, so up to £42 for 14 bottles.  This means I can make a saving of at least 50% by switching to Eco Diva, whilst also benefiting my health and the environment.
The ingredients are: Aqua, Plant Extract, Palm extract, Corn / Coconut / Palm Oil blend, Citrus aurantium dulcis extract, Lime extract, Benzalkonium chloride (preservative, <0.1%).  
How good is that?!  
The only questionable one is a tiny bit of preservative, but it's such a tiny amount and is needed to stop the product going bad.  Eco Diva have used the best possible preservative they could find.  
This ingredient list is a zillion times better than most others.  I'd rather breathe this in!
Eco Diva eco-friendly cleaner review
I've been using my Eco Diva cleaning spray for just over a week now and it's totally fab. It's multi purpose, so is really several products in one.  I've used it on kitchen sides, cupboard fronts, tables, windows, mirrors, doors, floors... Everywhere really!  It has a pleasant fresh clean lemony scent and isn't nasty to breath, even if spraying loads!  It sprays really well too, unlike some other spray bottles I have at the moment which just dribble out!  I use paper towels when I clean, but I do recommend using the high quality cloths provided for sparkly windows.  The shining cloth is superb!  To watch their YouTube video guides just click here.
Not only are eco cleaning products better for our own health, they are also better for the environment.  Eco Diva is plant-based, free from nasties and biodegradable which helps to cut water and land pollution.  The concentrated solution means fourteen times less plastic bottles will end up in landfills.  I really can't see any reason not to make the switch!

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