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FRANK* Honest Snacking Bars Review

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frank honest snacking healthy chocolate bar - lylia rose food blog post

frank honest snacking healthy chocolate bar - lylia rose food blogger post

FRANK* Honest Snacking Bars Review

This month I received my very first subscription vegan Flowbox and the very first things I ate were these FRANK* Honest Snacking Chocolate Bars.  One was double chocolate flavour, the other strawberry and chocolate.

Firstly, I love their name! 'Frank, Honest'!  It's got to be a reference to them containing 100% natural ingredients such as whole grains, gluten-free oats and dried fruit.  No sign of any rubbish or nasties!  Even the chocolate is dairy free, it's a coconut cream and cocoa mix. Delicious!

My favourite of the two was the strawberry version.  It had a genuine scrumptious strawberry flavour to it, not an overpowering fake flavour like some foods.  This combined with the deep cocoa flavour really satisfied my sweet & chocolate craving. 

The bars are surprisingly filling.  Probably the most filling healthy chocolate bars I've tried to date.  The bars did seem a little dry on the inside which would be my only criticism.  If they were more moist they would be perfect!  This wouldn't stop me buying them though, in fact I've ordered a box of blueberry to try as they're currently selling some short dated stock very cheaply!