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Victoria Sully February 2019 1

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My Very Peachy Flat Peach Smoothie

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flat peach smoothie - nutri ninja - lylia rose food blog recipe

Flat Peach Smoothie Recipe
3 Flat Peaches
1 Large Banana
10 Strawberries
1 Mug Almond Milk
For maximum goodness, I leave the skin on the flat peaches.  Just be sure to cut up & remove the stones.
Pop all the ingredients in a blender (I used a Nutri Ninja with size medium cup) and pulse until smooth.

This is a very peachy delicious drink!  Best served in a chunky wine glass with pretty straws methinks.
Here are some quick and fab facts about flat peaches:
  • Also known as 'Saturn' or 'doughnut' peaches
  • Sweeter than other peaches
  • High in vitamins A and C
  • First grown in China in the 19th century
  • Created by a natural genetic mutation
  • One flat peach has around 50-60 calories