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5 Uses for a Ketchup Bottle!

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5 Reuses for an Empty Glass Ketchup Bottle
I've become a little thrifty lately and started saving my empty jars and bottles to reuse.  One of my favourite ones to reuse is a Mr Organic ketchup bottle. It's got such a fab shape!  Here are my favourite reuses:
1. A vase.  
My favourite use is to use as a vase on our dining table.  It looks fab with a few freshly picked flowers from our garden, creating a pretty centre piece.  You could even add twine around the neck of the bottle to create a more rustic look. 
2. A water bottle.  
Ben uses a glass bottle next to the bed for his night time water.  The glass keeps the water super cool throughout the night.  Probably not great as a bottle to throw in your bag, but just fine around the house.
3. A money box.  
Great for collecting small change. Fill it up, change it & treat yourself!
4. Food storage.  
Great for storing a serving of homemade soup, smoothie, juice or sauce in the fridge.

5. Candle holder.
Stick one of those super wax dripping candles in to eventually create a superb centrepiece!