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In My Garden Today | Cherries, Courgettes & Potatoes

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fresh fruit cherries picked from garden tree - lylia rose uk lifestyle blog

fresh fruit cherries picked from garden tree - lylia rose uk lifestyle blog

cherry tree garden scarecrow - lylia rose lifestyle blogs uk

garden cherry tree in july with sky - lylia rose uk lifestyle garden blogge

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homemade potato plant markers grow your own - lylia rose uk lifestyle &

In My Garden Today | Cherries, Courgettes & Potatoes | Grow Your Own

Today I have been totally distracted by my garden and the wonderful things growing there.  Literally overnight some glorious yellow flowers have grown on my courgettes and yellow courgettes.  I wasn’t expecting these and they look amazing!  Someone on Twitter has kindly commented to let me know these are also edible too, even more amazing!  I do need to read up about the things I’m growing.  I kind of just went for it and purchased a bunch of veg plants in tiny pots without reading much.  I have, however, read a lot about potatoes so feel a little more knowledgeable with my spuds.  I’m continuing to read bits and pieces every day as and when I can to learn as much as possible.  Hopefully in a few years I’ll be a ‘grow your own’ pro.

I thought perhaps the cherries on the cherry tree were inedible.  The cherry tree was already here when we moved in last May.  Last year they tasted very bitter and then disappeared in a day as the birds pinched them.  Today I noticed some were turning a purple-red colour, so decided to try another.  To my amazement they are actually edible!  Not sweet, but much less sour and sharp than the red ones.  So today I will be covering the tree in netting to stop them disappearing before my eyes.  I have already picked the more purple coloured cherries to make a delicious cherry juice this evening.  It really is so very satisfying picking food from our garden and enjoying it.  I can’t quite explain it, but it feels quite wholesome, a bit magical and very satisfying.

I’ll also be planting some more potatoes today.  I ordered 3 types of ‘late’ potatoes from Suttons.  I received Charlotte, Nicola and Maris Peer.  I had only ordered 3 potato patio bags as I didn’t realise quite how many seeds I’d receive!  It was 1kg of each, which is quite a lot!  The patio bags are 35cm wide and I can only plant 4 seeds in each.  I’ve today received six more patio bags so will be planting nearly all the rest.  I’ll then store the remaining seeds in the fridge until next spring!

Potatoes look really fun to grow and they are meant to be relatively easy whilst giving a good yield, if they stay disease free!  I have planted my seeds on and under around 3 inches of soil.  I went for some specific Miracle Gro for potatoes compost which should feed them for a good six weeks.  Once the shoots pop through the surface I’ll keep covering with soil until I reach the top of the bags.  Once the plants start to flower, the potatoes can be eaten.  Once the plants start to die, the potatoes are fully mature.  So I know which are which I made some DIY plant markers with items I found around the home; a nice long wooden BBQ skewer, white label sticker and sellotape to waterproof.

Wish me luck and I’ll blog soon with some updated photos.