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Raw Health energy balls

Recently I have been making a lot of homemade energy balls, otherwise known as bliss balls.  They are so easy to make and mean I always have a healthy tasty vegan snack to satisfy any cravings!

One thing I hadn't done yet is buy readymade energy bites from a shop.  I wondered how they might compare to homemade versions and decided to try some Raw Health energy balls from Holland and Barrett to see.

Are they worth the cost?  Do they taste just as good, or better, than homemade?

Let's see.

Raw Health energy balls review

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Raw Health Organic Fruity Coconut Balls review

These look great dusted with the desiccated coconut!  I've put coconut in my homemade energy balls, but will definitely have to give them a roll in some next time!
We ate these on a super hot day so the coconut flavour was perfect.  I always find coconut such a refreshing summer flavour.  I just associate coconut with tropical themes and summer!
There's just enough as a snack for one, but Bella saw me and pinched half of mine, doh!
With only four organic and raw ingredients they are very wholesome.  I'm inspired to try and make my own with fewer ingredients.
The main difference I notice with these compared to my homemade versions is they are a lot firmer.  Mine do firm up in the fridge, but if left at room temperature like these, they wouldn't be as firm.  I always eat mine from the fridge.  I wonder how they get theirs to stay so firm?  Probably some sort of industrial ball pressing machine to really push all the ingredients together?!
I would certainly grab a pack of these ready made balls if I'm out and about and in need of a healthy snack on the go!
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Raw Health Organic Spirulina Orange Balls review

Oh yum!
These were my favourite of the two different flavours!
A delicious orange kick and hard crunchy bits which must be thanks to the cacao nibs.  The orange flavour and crunch really made it for me.
I really enjoyed these and luckily Bella only pinched half of one!
You can't even taste the spirulina. So don't be put off if you're not a fan of the green stuff.  You get all its goodness in these balls and none of that fishy seaweed flavour!
Again, these balls are super firm which makes them great to keep at room temperature.  I'm also impressed with the flavour.  I'd never have thought of combining spirulina with orange and cacao!  Who'd have thought it would work!  The trick must be to use minimal spirulina.
I'm really impressed with Raw Health energy balls and would definitely buy both flavours again!  They've also given me lots of ideas about new ingredients and flavours for my own homemade bliss balls.  I can't wait to get creating now!

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