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RAW Health Energy Balls

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RAW Health | Energy Balls Review

I've made lots of my own 'energy' balls recently (click here to view), so was keen to try some shop bought ones.  I purchased these Raw Health versions from Holland and Barrett to taste test.

 raw organic fruity coconut balls - energy healthy - lylia rose uk food blog

These look great dusted with the desiccated coconut.  I've put coconut in mine, but will definitely have to give them a roll in some next time!  We ate these on a super hot day so the coconut flavour was perfect.  There's just enough as a snack for one, but Bella saw me and pinched half of mine, doh!  With only four organic and raw ingredients they are very wholesome.  I'm inspired to try and make my own with fewer ingredients.   I would certainly grab a pack of these ready made balls if I'm out and about!
 raw health organic spirulina orange energy balls - lylia rose food lifestyl
Oh yum.  These were my favourite of the two.  A delicious orange kick and hard crunchy bits which must be thanks to the cacao nibs (these nibs are still on my shopping list!).  I really enjoyed these and luckily Bella only pinched half of one!  You can't even taste the spirulina. So don't be put off if you're not a fan of the green stuff.  These make a perfect chocolatey crunchy orange good for you treat.
So I'm really impressed with Raw Health energy balls and would definitely buy both flavours again.  Totally scrumptious!