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July 2015 Mini Vegan Flowbox Contents

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july 2015 flowbox mini vegan contents - lylia rose food lifestyle blog uk

July’s Flowbox Contents & First Impressions

Oooooooh, July’s mini vegan Flowbox is right up my street.  The contents look just ideal for me and I’ve a feeling I’ll thoroughly enjoy every single product.  I can’t wait to get stuck in and try all these goodies.  Here’s a breakdown of July 2015’s mini vegan Flowbox contents and my first impressions:

UGLY Water Lemon & Ginger -  just water and real natural flavourings.  No sweeteners.  I love water and ginger so this sounds great to me.

LIMA Rice Cakes with Quinoa – I always have some rice cakes in the cupboard, usually Kallo, so I’m looking forward to trying a different brand with the addition of quinoa (pronounced keen-wa, not kwin-oh-a as I originally thought!

NOM Cacao and Raspberry Bar – organic, coconut oil, raspberries, cacao – what’s not to love?  Sounds delicious.

OLIVE BRANCH Roasted Pepper Paste with Fresh Chillies – chillies are my first choice if it comes to adding a bit of heat to a meal.  I’ll definitely be spreading this on the crackers to try.

PLANET ORGANIC Chia, Vanilla and Hemp Energise Bar – superfoods, nuts, dried fruit.  I’m certain this will be super tasty.

SCOTTS FARM Sweet Potato Chips – I’m obsessed with sweet potatoes, so intrigued to see what the crisp version tastes like.  Hopefully that scrumptious sweet potato taste will still be there.