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Victoria Sully February 2019 1

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Strawberry and Organic Mint Natural Shampoo

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childs farm strawberry and organic mint natural childrens shampoo - lylia r

Childs Farm Shampoo | Strawberry & Mint (not just for children)
Ooh I've found another Childs Farm product that I'd highly recommend.  It's the strawberry and organic mint shampoo.  This smells simply amazing.  It smells so delicious it makes me want to eat it!  Not only do I use this on Bella's hair, but mine too.
I really love the Childs Farm range.  Everything I've used so far smells incredible and froths up wonderfully.  Plus, they make their products from nearly all natural ingredients.  They are suitable for newborns, children and adults alike!  My hair is always super shiny and soft.  This is all I use; no conditioner or treatments needed.
I like to make sure the children and I come into the least contact possible with unnecessary chemicals.  Most products are laden with nasties that irritate the skin whilst entering our blood stream posing a further threat to our health.  
Luckily both Bella and Reuben have no skin problems such as eczema, but the Childs Farm range is suitable for eczema prone and sensitive skin.  I've always suffered with eczema on my scalp at the top of my neck.  It's been there since I was around 12, but since using more natural shampoos it's disappeared!  I've not noticed any eczema for around one year now which is so amazing!  I'm certain it's down to eating much healthier and using non irritating natural shampoos such as Childs Farm.  I use their shampoos more than any others.

They also use some organic ingredients.  Not loads, but some is better than none.  Hopefully one day everything will revert back to being organic and we'll all live in a better world!