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Victoria Sully February 2019 1

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Blue Aztec Childrens Wigwam

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Garden Games Blue Aztec Teepee

Look at our, I mean Bella’s, new garden teepee!  Isn’t it just awesome?!   This funky wigwam makes me wish I was three again so I could enjoy it as much as Bella!  I have crouched down and crawled in, but it’s not quite the same all hunched over.  Bella has insisted we sleep in the teepee, which would be super fun if I could fit more than half of me inside!  Perhaps we will put it indoors in the living room one night and make a cosy sleepover den.  Oh yes, that sounds like a fab idea!

I’d been eyeing teepees up for a while and finally had an excuse to buy one.  We are organising a very exciting garden event in the summer so this will be perfect for the children to play in.  I’m so pleased I picked this one as the material is super thick and waterproof.  It looks like it will last for years to come and Reuben will get to enjoy it once he is running around. 

They also look so cool too, don’t you think?  I just love looking at it in the garden!  I’m definitely drawn to Aztec prints and love the cone shape of the wigwam.  It’s also practical too, shading Bella from the sun and providing her with somewhere cosy to relax in the heat (even more so once I fill it with cushions!).

Now to find a giant one for me…