Bentley Organic: natural no nasties bodywash review

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Bentley Organic_ natural no nasties bodywash review

I mentioned in a previous post I was searching for a more natural shower gel that, at the very least, did not contain SLS, SLES or parabens.

To find one which was affordable was also high on my list.

Most vegan, natural, organic, environmentally friendly products usually come with a hefty price tag.

Well, I’ve found a brand which ticks all the boxes.  Bentley Organic sell some scrumptious organic natural bodywash (and squirty hand soap too) and they are a great price!  Oh, and they are vegan!

Read on for my Bentley Organic bodywash review.

Bentley Organic reviews - vegan bodywash

Bentley Organic reviews - vegan bodywash (3)

I first tried Bentley Organic hand soap a while back and was impressed.

I’d actually stood in Tesco reading the labels of every squirty hand soap and they all contained SLS!

I then went on to find some SLS free squirty soap after searching online and I stumbled across Bentley Organic.

I didn’t realise Bentley Organic had a larger range of more products other than hand soap until I spied the body wash in our local Wholefoods and recognised the brand.

They actually have a huge selection of natural organic items including childrens bath and eco friendly household cleaning products.


Plus, in our Wholefoods they are the lowest price compared to similar items which makes them affordable for most of us who wish to use organic products but don't have oodles of cash!

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bentley organic bodywash natural shower gel - lylia rose beauty blog uk

What are the benefits of Bentley Organic bodywash?

I chose the revitalising bodywash with cinnamon, sweet orange and clove bud, as well as a deep cleansing bodywash with olive, tea tree and eucalyptus.

Both types have over 80% organic ingredients and are Soil Association Certified.

As stated on their website, this extra seal of approval means the products are not only organic, but also:

  • Not tested on animals
  • Vegan - do not contain ingredients of animal origin
  • Parabens free
  • GMO free
  • Do not contain SLS or SLES
  • Free from petro-chemicals

They are more environmentally friendly by supporting a reduction in harmful chemicals and encouraging better farming practices by choosing organic ingredients!

How much does Bentley Organic bodywash cost?

I paid £2.50 for each bodywash, which I think is a bargain compared to other companies selling similar items.

I think these are the cheapest I have seen and I purchased mine from Wholefoods in-store, but these are available online from lots of retailers too.

What do I think of Bentley Organic bodywash?

I really like the values of this company and all the ingredients they avoid using are right on point with me trying to lead a more natural life from what I eat to what I put on my skin.  I love that they use organic ingredients and are vegan too.

The shower gels smell really good and they work just like any other shower gel you might be used too, but with their carefully chosen ingredients will be better for your skin and the environment which is worth a little investment in my opinion.

I think I prefer the smell of the tea tree version, but both smell great! 

They froth up well (who needs SLS, eh?) and leave silky super soft skin.  As they are so frothy a little goes a long way, making them even better value.

There is absolutely no need to buy a product containing nasty chemicals when you can get a more environmentally friendly organic version as good as these!  I’ll definitely be purchasing this brand regularly from now on.


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Bentley Organic reviews - vegan bodywash


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