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UGLY Water Review

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ugly lemon and ginger unsweet infused water - lylia rose uk food blog

UGLY Unsweet Water | Ginger and Lemon

I discovered UGLY water in July’s vegan subscription Flowbox.  I absolutely love water and a chilled still mineral water (preferably Evian) is my drink of choice.  I definitely usually steer clear of flavoured water as they have so much added sugar or sweeteners.  Ugly water is different.  Ugly Unsweet Water is totally unsweetened, letting their natural flavours come through instead. 

Ginger and Lemon are an ideal mix.  The water tastes rather plain at first, but as soon as I swallowed, the ginger kick hit my mouth and it was very satisfying.  I couldn’t put the drink down, gulping away for more of these addictive ginger hits!

Not only did I love the taste of this water, but I think the brand name and slogans are pretty cool too.  The name UGLY definitely attracts attention straight away.  It’s not the most obvious cool or pretty name for a company, but it works.  The slogans are very clever too including ‘beautifully different’ and ‘you’re sweet enough already’. 

I’d definitely buy this in a shop if I needed a bottle of water.  Sorry my trusty Evian, you’ve got competition!