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A Flower on My Cactus!

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cactus pink flower household windowsill plant - lylia rose lifestyle blog u

cactus pink flower household windowsill plant - lylia rose lifestyle blogge

Flowering Houseplant Cactus

A couple of weeks ago I noticed some fuzzy balls on one of my cacti.  I tried to remove one, thinking it was a ball of fluff stuck in the spikes, but to my surprise it was attached!  How strange.  I hoped my poor cactus didn’t have a disease (I’d destroyed two before by watering too much, oops).  I had been careful this time to not disturb my cacti too much and just water once per month.  Then to my surprise a green shoot popped out and within days a brilliant pink flower appeared out of nowhere!

My first cactus flower!  Yay!  I’ve heard cacti can flower once a year if kept in the right conditions.  I never thought mine would, so it has me quite excited.  The flower is pretty amazing too, really unusual and very cool.  I keep peeking at it constantly.  I have my fingers tightly crossed for my others to flower now.