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Rude Health | Food Brands I Recommend

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rude health organic hazelnut drink milk - lylia rose uk food blog review

Rude Health Review

I purchased Rude Health’s newest flavour drink last week, hazelnut, and quickly realised I’ve never blogged about my absolute love for these drinks and this company.  I’ve been drinking Rude Health ‘milk’ for almost one year now.  I’d highly recommend it.

I originally planned on turning vegan this year.  I became obsessed with watching documentaries on YouTube last year about veganism and plant based whole food diets.  I’m already vegetarian and it seemed like the next logical step to take for a healthier lifestyle, and to leave a smaller footprint on the environment.  One small step at a time though, and my first is cow’s milk.  I already enjoyed soya milk and often drank this instead of milk. So I decided to give up milk (as a drink) for good and change completely over to soya.

Before becoming a Rude Health convert, I mainly drank soya milk.  Shop bought soya milk, however, has a lot of unnecessary ingredients.  I was becoming a little concerned when reading labels.  I did find a much purer soya milk brand, but, whether it was coincidence or not, developed an itchy rash the more I consumed.  I set about trying to find a cow’s milk and soya alternative for my morning muesli and luckily stumbled upon Rude Health.

Rude Health drinks are not called ‘milk’ or even labelled as an alternative, they are called drinks.  I am just using the term milk as this is what I use them to replace.  They point out on their website they are not anti-dairy, just anti rubbish ingredients really!  Instead of regular milk, I use Rude Health drinks on my cereal, in smoothies and to make delicious hot raw chocolate drinks!  Ooh, and I recently used the coconut drink to make fruit smoothie ice lollies which were delicious (see here).

The flavours I recommend and use are hazelnut (new and totally yummy), almond (never disappoints), coconut (great for smoothies and tastes super summery) and oat (so good on a bowl of, well, oats and for a hearty hot choc).

A word I keep bashing around in my blog posts recently is cool.  I seem to have gone back to my teenage years where I labelled everything I loved as cool.  But, this company, in my opinion, is pretty cool.  Their website is cool, their branding is cool, their packaging is cool and their ethics are cool.  If you love real, honest food, just pop over to their website and see what I am talking about!  It’s full of great products (more than these drinks, but these are what I use every day) and there’s even a ‘rants’ page, ha!