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10 Random Things About Me

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ten random things about me - lylia rose owner victoria facts - uk lifestyle

1.  I've never broken a bone.
2. I've holidayed in Argeles sur Mer (south of France) five times aged 11-15.  We used to go on a 24 hour coach trip and stay in a tiny caravan. There was usually a disaster each year including a coach driver falling asleep at the wheel and an ant infestation in our caravan! We still went back every year...!
3. Before having children I worked for nine years at Cult Retail, which you may now know as Superdry. My roles included Ecommerce Order Fulfilment Manager and Retail Samples Manager.
4.  I've not yet been to Scotland or Ireland.
5. Mine and Ben's birthdays are only nine days apart which makes us both a Leo star sign!
6. I love intense TV series.  Breaking Bad, Prison Break, Lost, Dexter and Walking Dead have been my favourite TV series so far.  Still watching Walking Dead.  Also watching Orange Is The New Black and True Detective.
7. The Sopranos makes me feel sick. I watched loads of it when pregnant with Bella whilst suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum.  I can't watch it at all now or even listen to the theme song without wanting to vomit!
8. One of my favourite German words is Strumpfhose which means tights!
9. I really dislike BBQ sauce.  I just can't have it in my mouth.  Some foods I dislike but can eat if I really have to, but not this.  I can't stomach it whatsoever.
10. I loved maths at school.  I got an A in my GCSE and always wished I'd continued it at A-level.  I probably can't remember much today though!