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10 random things about me

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Victoria Sully Winter

10 Random Things About Me
1.  My favourite sum is 3x7=21.
2. Salt and vinegar is my all time favourite flavour of crisps.  Yet I would never put salt on chips, just lots of vinegar.
3. I never wear full fingered gloves as I find it strange not feeling my fingers next to each other. Fingerless are fine. I could never wear those socks with separate toes for the same reason!
4. I've been to three Greek Islands; Corfu, Rhodes & Zakynthos.  I'd like to go to more. I'd also like to go back to Zakynthos to do a boat trip around the island and show Ben Shipwreck Bay.
5. I used to be a smoker. I smoked for ten years. I now wish I'd never started and the best thing was giving up.
6. I have size 6 feet.  When I was younger I thought they looked large and wished I was a size 5. I often bought size 5 and tried to squeeze my feet in. They always hurt and it never worked.  Luckily I grew up and accepted my size 6s, which are just right for me anyway.
7. I've had 11 piercings in my life. Now only 4 remain in my ears, 2 in each. I haven't used them in a long time though.
8. When I was younger I wanted to be a primary school teacher. I loved the book Matilda and wanted to change my name to Miss Honey and live in a cottage!
9. At A-level I studied philosophy and ethics, theatre studies and biology.
10. I still have baby teeth! Well, just three.  There are no adult teeth in the gums and they've luckily not fallen out yet.  My dentist says one is now wobbly, so I'll need to do something about it soon!