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Monthly Family Lifestyle Roundup July 2015

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A family roundup of July

Rather surprisingly, July has seemed to pass a little slower than the other months. I’m not sure why.  Perhaps it’s the gloomy weather and so we’ve spent more time indoors.

bird flew into window lylia rose lifestyle uk blogger

This month a bird flew into our living room window.  It’s happened around four times this month, usually pigeons, but this time it was a small brown bird, perhaps a finch(?), and it didn’t fly away.  Ben took a close look and we assumed its wing had broken.  We searched for what to do online as I feared it wouldn’t be long before a cat discovered it.  Ben brought the little chap inside and we had a look online. 

I was pretty shocked to discover the first result, the RSPB, pretty much just recommend humanely killing the birds in such a situation.  Really?!  I was certain I’d seen birds on TV with broken wings taken to vets, but perhaps I was imagining this.  A second website offered a much more reasonable response and even the RSPCA website recommended veterinary help.  Sadly it was a Sunday evening so we couldn’t pop to the vets, so brought him inside in a tray with a little bird feed.  Sadly he got scared and tried to fly away.  He hid under our wood stove for a while and then went outside disappearing into the foliage.  I really hope the cats didn’t get him and he was just shocked and managed to fly away.  I tried to look for him the next day, but could not find him.

bella ice lolly - lylia rose uk lifestyle family blog - july roundup

bella july roundup - lylia rose uk lifestyle blog

Bella’s development is really coming on.  The development emails I receive suggest she should learn her numbers now.  Bella already loves counting to 10 and knows the rest of the numbers to 20, but often gets the last few a little mixed up.  She’s also recited the alphabet for a while now and loves doing her ‘ABCs’ as she calls them.  I have a feeling she’s going to be very academic and enjoy school.   Her vocabulary is ever increasing and I love the new phrases she picks up and repeatedly says.  Some Bellaisms for this month are:

‘I’ve got an idea’
(Bella has lots of ideas recently, especially to put Reuben in his bouncer so I can play with her!)

Me – ‘Bella, are you OK?  Do you need help?
(She’s been in the bathroom for a while)
Bella – ‘No Mum, don’t come in!’
Me – ‘Why, what are you doing?’
Bella – ‘Going through your drawers!’
Got to love their honesty at this age!

‘Mummy!  Can you hear it?’
(Realising I can hear things even if I’m in another room)

‘I’m not Bella, I’m Nana and you’re Aunty Jess’
(This has been the first month Bella has started to pretend she is someone else!)


reuben baby photo jumperoo sunny - lylia rose lifestyle uk blog - july roun

reuben baby photo - lylia rose lifestyle uk blog - july roundup

Reuben is doing fab.  At his last weigh in he was already 17lbs 11oz, so now he is probably well over 18lbs!  I’m not used to it as Bella was always so tiny.  She was always very below average on the weight chart, but Reuben is over the 91st percentile!  He seems a few months older because of his size.  I have to remind myself he’s only just 5 months.  I bought him a Jumperoo this month so he may start to lose some of his baby weight!  Bella had so much use out of one we borrowed, we just had to get another.  Hopefully Reuben will have lots of fun in his too.  He hasn’t rolled yet, but is very close.  He has started lifting both knees to his chest as he lies down and rocking slightly.  He can roll to one side from his back, but will always roll onto his back again.  I’m sure he’ll roll over any day now.  Only a month or so and he’ll be sitting up unaided and having his first tastes!  He has gummed his fist nonstop this month, so a tooth may also be on the horizon!

I’m not sure Ben has done much to the house this month that I can remember, but I cracked on and completed my office.  It’s in a room which used to be a garage and the old owners had it converted.  We’d had a few ideas about what to do with this room including adding a downstairs toilet or making half into a playroom.  The toilet idea would be great, but as it’s on the other side of the house to the drainage, a Saniflo system would be needed which we weren’t too keen on.  I’m hopeful we will add an extension onto the back, one day, to give us a larger kitchen and enable us to convert the old kitchen into a downstairs toilet and utility room. 

I needed more storage space for my stock and will be working most evenings, plus some day times once I reopen my shop.  We agreed I could have the spare downstairs room mainly for Lylia Rose.  Yay!  I have added a sofa bed too so we have a space for someone to stay if we ever need it.  I’m so pleased with how the space has turned out and it’s now a useable room.  We had started to use it as a giant cupboard which really was a waste of having an extra downstairs room.  You can view how my new office currently looks by clicking here.

Ben’s birthday was towards the end of July so we enjoyed some family time.  We had planned on a trip to Pitville Park on his birthday, but typically it rained all day.  Literally from 5am to 11pm!  We went to a soft play in Cirencester instead called Magicland.  Everyone else had the same idea as we queued in the car park for at least half an hour in the rain!  Bella (and Ben) had great fun once we were indoors!  We had three pub meals over the weekend too and enjoyed a canal walk.

August will be a bittersweet month.  It’s my 30th at the start of August and we’ll hopefully enjoy a nice day out at the beach.  I'm feeling very confident with what I want to do with my life going into my 30s, so I'm not worried about the big 3-0!  Reuben will undergo his second balloon dilation operation to his heart in a couple of weeks.  We’re still doing our best not to worry about it until the day.  We have a very exciting event planned too in August... We are getting married!!  Me and Ben will be tying the knot in a basic registration and celebrating with a ‘Wedfest’!  Eeeeek!  So exciting!  Pretty much everything is organised now and I’ll definitely showcase the day in a dedicated blog post after the event. 

August is going to be very eventful!


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