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Faith in Nature Pomegranate + Rooibos Shampoo review

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pomegranate and rooibos organic faith in nature shampoo natural - lylia ros

Faith in Nature Pomegranate + Rooibos Shampoo review

This is my first experience of a Faith in Nature natural body care product.  This was included in my May Flowbox this year.  I have seen this brand about, but never purchased anything.  I'm not sure why I haven't yet purchased anything as it's right up my street!  My subscription box reminded me of this company and gave me the opportunity to put one of their products to the test.

The shampoo smells very herbal (in a good way) and slightly fruity.  It even smells very natural and for being 'natural' it still does the job as you’d expect.  My hair seemed much more manageable than usual after use; my brush seemed to glide a lot easier through my usually very tangled long hair.  I only used this shampoo and no conditioner.  My hair was super-duper shiny, like incredibly so.  I looked like I’d poured a bottle of glossy spray on my hair, it was that noticeable!  My hair also stayed grease free for much longer than usual.  I only tend to wash my hair once or twice per week, but after a couple of days the roots can start to look a little greasy.  After three days there was no grease to be seen.  I’ve now used the shampoo a couple of times with the same result - really awesome!

TheVeganKind Cruelty-Free Beauty Box

Rooibos is full of antioxidants which are great for hair and skin alike.  This is the first time I’ve ever used a product containing rooibos.  I’ve heard of rooibos tea and its many benefits as a drink, so it was interesting to do some research to find out the benefits of rooibos for hair.  Many websites suggest adding rooibos tea directly to the hair too, massaging in and then rinsing!  Here’s what I found rooibos should do when used in a shampoo or as a rinse:

  • Promote hair growth and strengthen roots
  • Improve hair condition
  • Add brilliant shine
  • Increase softness
  • Prevent grey hair

Well, I can’t be sure if the rooibos will prevent grey hairs or increase hair growth, but I can definitely vouch for the other three.  My hair certainly looked in great condition with amazing shine and was soft to touch.  I’ll be buying much more from this company from now on as I’m super impressed with this shampoo.

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