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Flowbox August 2015 Contents

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flowbox august 2015 mini vegan contents - lylia rose healthy eating food uk

Mini Vegan Flowbox | August 2015 Contents & Thoughts

I still find it so exciting to receive my subscription Flowbox at the start of each month.  I’ve had a few now, but I’m still enjoying it just as much as when I received my first box.  It’s the element of surprise and knowing there will definitely be some products I love inside.  I’ve definitely found the perfect subscription box for myself with this one.

This August’s box contained a really fab selection of food as well as a recycled pot and pan cleaning brush.  The brush is made from recycled plastics and has a handy burnt food scraper too – a really great feature which saves me using my nails or a knife!  I love how Flowbox sends occasional household items, eco cleaners and beauty products, not just food all the time.  It really mixes it up a little more than most other subscription boxes.

Here are the contents and my first thoughts:

Better Than Organic Konnyaku Noodles– I’ve never heard of the konnyaku plant, but these noodles are made with flour from it.  They pretty much just contain fibre and will be great with veg and the sauce below.  I’ll share the recipe if it’s a success!

9 Bar Chia Berry Carob Hit – I always love a sweet snack bar with wholesome superfood ingredients so I’m certain this will be delicious.

Capsicana Chilli & Coconut Brazilian Cook Sauce – This will be great as a stir fry sauce with the noodles up above.  Chilli mixed with coconut sounds fiery, yet exotic! 

Planet Organic Cheezy Kale Popcorn – I’m going to have to muster up some braveness to eat these.  I overdosed slightly on Metcalfe’s white cheese popcorn around the time I became pregnant with Reuben, so the thought of cheesey popcorn now makes me feel a bit nauseous!  I’m sure these are delicious so hopefully I’ll pluck up the courage to try these soon!

The Ludlow Nut Company Trail Mix – I love seeds and nuts, so can’t wait to try this mix!