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My 14 Day Teatox

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Slimming Solutions Teatox | Tea Detox Review

So up until the start of this week I embarked on a 14 day teatox!  It’s the first time I’ve done anything like this, so I could only expect what the packet told me.  The teatox I tried was from a company called Slimming Solutions.  I didn’t try this to slim (as the company name may suggest), but to detox, cleanse and energise.  If I did shed a few more baby pounds then this would simply be a bonus!

I actually started the teatox a little over 14 days ago, but missed a day and evening so went over the 14 days.  Only just though, so I’m sure the effects should be the same.  The morning tea can be enjoyed every morning, but the evening tea is only to be consumed every other night.  Sounds simple right?  Well I battled with my (baby) brain most nights trying to remember if I’d had a tea the night before!  Most days seem to just blur into one with a baby and a three year old, so I genuinely couldn’t remember some days!  It would be a tiny weeny bit easier if you could just have an evening tea every night, but I only missed one – go me!  I also missed one morning tea and I have no idea how… probably just super busy and caught up in the kids!  I’m impressed I stuck to the teatox and managed to complete the full two weeks.  They also supply a full months package and I could definitely stick it out for longer if I decide to do one again. 

I love herbal tea and have recently been sampling more than usual, so the taste wasn’t an issue for me.  I actually really enjoyed having one every morning and evening.  I usually drink green tea a lot, so I just replaced my morning green tea with the teatox tea.  I actually found the flavour of these teas very herbally, wholesome and delicious tasting!  I could quite happily drink such teas all day long.  If you’re not used to herbal teas then it may take a little getting used to!

I didn’t lose any weight, but then I didn’t set out to.  The timing was also slightly off as we celebrated mine and Ben’s birthdays during the teatox so had an unusual amount of pub lunches, takeaways, cake and chocolate!  The teatox is supposed to reduce cravings, but I didn’t notice any difference.  If you were to embark on this challenge with the full aim of losing weight then I’d suggest using the tea to replace any ‘after dinner snacks’.  Just having the tea and the knowledge you are having something could be enough to prevent any before bed snacking.  This self reasoning could certainly help to lose a little weight.

The tea is supposed to have a detoxing effect on the body.  I have no idea if it did, but I did suffer with an unusual (and very rare for me) headache twice during my teatox.  This could be the ‘detox’ or it could be the fact I ate way more rubbish food than usual as explained above.  My skin has appeared clearer over the last couple of weeks as before this a few breakouts were randomnly appearing in a few places all of a sudden.  Again, I cannot solely say this is down to the tea, but it has just cleared up at the same time (even though I have also been eating a lot more chocolate, ha! Me 1, chocolate 0).

TMI warning…

I’m pretty regular as I usually eat a LOT of fruit, vegetables and wholegrains.  I didn’t notice any changes here!  The packets warn the tea can cause diarrhoea for a few days, so luckily I did not experience this.

Slimming Solutions Teatox benefits should also include increased energy levels.  I’m not sure if I had these, but a five month old waking me up for a feed once or twice a night means my levels need to be superbly increased!  I’ve not felt as tired lately I suppose, but I’m also not sure if I’m just getting more used to this tiredness.  Having a three year old means I have to carry on regardless, so I have to just ignore any tiredness in a way!

Overall, I definitely enjoyed drinking this tea every day and every other night. I found it a pleasant drink and didn’t feel the need to sweeten it with lemon or honey (as suggested if you don’t like the taste).  I think it may have helped clear my skin and possibly increased my energy levels.  I lost no weight and a couple of headaches could be down to this tea, but I was lucky to not suffer any other side effects.  I’d try a teatox again as I like to believe they must be cleansing on the inside and possibly through to the skin.

Visit if you’d like to give the teatox a go yourself!