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No Such Thing as Baby Brain? I Disagree.

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Baby Brain DOES Exist

I read recently it has been proven that baby brain does not exist.  Well, as an experienced ‘baby brainer’ I’d like to disagree.  Whether there is no difference in my actual brain since having babies, mine definitely functions very differently nowadays.

For a bit of fun, here are my symptoms, my proposed causes and therefore how I know it must exist!

Baby Brain Symptoms:

  • Walking upstairs/downstairs/into a room and forgetting why I was there/what I needed (sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes several hours and sometimes I never remember)
  • Checking my phone several times on the way to playgroup to make sure it definitely is the day/time I think it is
  • Looking at phone to check the time, then relooking at least three more times because I can’t remember or I didn’t take any notice of the time
  • Pouring milk into a cup and water onto cereal
  • Reduced Vocabulary – I often find myself struggling to find the word I need, even if it’s the simplest most obvious word that I’ve used a million times before.  Sometimes my sentences come out all mixed up, a bit like Bella’s (she’s three), but I just expect Ben to know what I mean!
  • Feeling like I’ve partied all night and had no sleep, yet I haven’t been ‘out’ or touched alcohol in over four years now!  This symptom is a fuzzy head, feeling/looking like the walking dead and the inability to concentrate on usually very simple tasks like driving (which I dare not do if experiencing this symptom)
  • Totally not concentrating on what someone has been saying to me for at least five minutes, so having to nod and agree as it’s too late to say ‘pardon?’


Baby Brain Causes:

  • Lack of Sleep (or at least lack of a good night’s sleep) - this has just got to be what causes baby brain.  An uninterrupted 8 or 9 hours sleep is the ideal sleep formula for me.  It’s a personal thing so everyone’s sleeping requirements vary, but this is what I perform best on.  I’m still woken at least once per night, usually twice, and occasionally four times.  Arg! 
  • Being a PA for four people instead of just myself.  Yep, I’ve included Ben here too!  Remembering dates, organising appointments, arranging family/friends meetups, managing events, plus being a cleaner/declutterer/tidy upper/launderette.  Suddenly being a Mum and Wife and doing all this for a family of four instead of just me.
  • A never ending to do list. I write a daily to do list most mornings and I can never even get half way through it whilst looking after two littles.  My head is always thinking of everything that needs doing so my brain is always busy!
  • Tackling too much and never having ‘nothing’ to do.  Trying to be a stay at home Mum, run own business, have a few hobbies, have a social life, see family weekly, cook from scratch, have me and Ben time (very rare without a laptop or phone in hand and multitasking!), being OCD about having a tidy, neat and clean house, constantly adding to my reading and research list…
  • Never truly relaxing (see four points above)
  • Always keeping one eye on children, even when with others or talking to others or on telephone

So there we have it.  Those are my (not exhaustive) lists of baby brain symptoms and proposed causes. 

Do you have more you can add to the lists?