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I Got Married!

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I Got Married Last Week

Eeeeeeek!  I got married last week!  It still hasn’t quite sunk in and I still can’t quite believe that someone wants to spend the rest of their life with me.  I’m sure Ben has not noticed how annoying I can be, how not very pretty I am, basically how imperfect I am. 

But, perhaps he has and perhaps he accepts me for who I am and loves me anyway.  He is very sweet.  The other day I was saying how I see myself as selfish sometimes, but he said he doesn’t see me like that at all, but instead admires my determination, drive and passion to succeed in what I do.  Wow.  He turned a total negative I see in myself into a positive.

Anyway, before I get too (unusual for me) mushy… THE WEDDING!

We had a basic registration at Cheltenham Registration Offices last Tuesday 18th August (our wedding date, yay!).  It’s not the prettiest building, but it was an in and out job just for the formalities.  Our Mums came with us as our witnesses.  Bella and Reuben had to wait in the waiting room with my sister as it was such a simple marriage, only us and two witnesses were allowed in.  I’m not the best in front of a group of people talking and I’m not one for PDAs so the thought of doing a ‘big’ wedding with vows, etc, in front of everyone we know absolutely terrified me.  Even in the room with the four of us I nearly started to laugh/cry and had to compose myself before I turned into a blubbing wreck or had a wee-myself-fit-of-giggles.  As much as I think I wasn’t nervous before, as soon as we were in there the reality hit and I think I really was!  Someone asked me what we had to say to each other and I have no idea!  Whatever we said is a total mystery.  I was trying to really concentrate on what the lady was saying so I didn’t stumble on my words or miss what she said, but I still have no idea what we said to each other!

After our registration, we went for a lovely meal at The Tivoli in Cheltenham.  My Mum had secretly been there before our marriage to decorate the table I had booked and added balloons, flowers and treats.  It was a really lovely surprise when we arrived!

Our actual wedding day was really just a formality as the ‘big day’ for us was our ‘Wedfest’ on the Saturday.  I can’t believe it was a week ago already!  It was absolutely perfect and after three months of planning and simply envisioning it, it became a reality and we had the absolute best day.  Everyone who came said they had an amazing time and it really was the most perfect wedding for us.  I’m still to sort out photos, but I will be doing a special ‘Wedfest’ blog post soon to detail our fabulous day.

From a very happy Mrs Victoria Sully!