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Hello Autumn. I'm Ready For You!

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hello autumn - looking forward to fall - lylia rose lifestyle uk blog post

Me, excited for autumn? Never!

For the first time, ever I think, well at least as an adult, I am kind of excited for autumn.  I told Ben this and I don't think he believed me!  I'm usually a self confessed sun baby and thrive on hot summer days only.  But this year I have surprised myself and I feel super keen to enter this new season.  Here's why:

  • We got a wood stove in February so this is the first autumn and winter we will use it.  I'm imagining cosy evenings in front of the fire all snug with soft blankets, slippers, candle light and a hot chocolate, sounds bliss doesn't it?!
  • Bella looks so cute wrapped up in a warm coat, hat, scarf and gloves.  She absolutely loves walking through the crunchy fallen leaves so autumn walks are a must.  We will definitely go for a hill walk or to the forest where we can experience this amazing change in full!
  • Autumn means Christmas is near.  Not that I want to wish it away, but it's so exciting to see Bella understand Christmas more this year as she will be three and a half.  It makes it more exciting for us every year.  She can even help me decorate the tree this year and make Christmas cards.
  • Fireworks night!  We didn't go to any last year so we just have to this year.  Hopefully Bella will be amazed by them.  I'm looking forward to wrapping up warm and huddling together to watch a display!
  • Buying a knitted chunky pom pom hat and snow suit for Reuben.  It's Reuben's first autumn.  Babies look so adorable in knitted winter hats and all in one pram suits.  I'm super keen to go and buy him his first.
  • Did I mention hot chocolate?  Raw hot chocolate of course.  I make mine with cacao powder and almond or oat milk.  These can obviously be enjoyed at anytime of the year, but there's something more magical about a hot choccie on a dark, cold outside, but snuggled inside evening!
  • I get to wear my boots and chunky socks!  This novelty rarely lasts long as I do much prefer my flip flops and pumps in the summer, but for a short while I do really love wearing my boots again.
  • Craft fairs, gift fairs, Christmas light switch ons, Christmas shopping, the German market. These all start in autumn and are always enjoyable.
  • A cosy house.  Wooden blinds down and curtains drawn early evening.  This makes our living space feel so much cosier and private.  I'll enjoy it for as long as I possibly can, as I'm sure I'll soon be wishing for the lighter evenings and sunny hot days to come back!