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My Grow Your Own Pickings

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chantenay carrots grow your own container beginner - lylia rose uk lifestyl

Chantenay Carrots, Maris Peer New Potatoes, Raspberries

I managed to get a good hour in the garden yesterday whilst Reuben slept.  I’ve not found much time to get outside and tend to my plants recently, so it was good to have a well needed sort out. 

The courgette plants had ‘had it’ so those went into the compost. 

The tomato plants are still going strong, so I picked a bowlful of cherry tomatoes which Bella gobbled up immediately! 

The sweet peppers and bell peppers are really growing now, so I’m excited to see these really develop over the next couple of weeks.

chantenay carrots grow your own container beginner - lylia rose uk lifestyl

Sadly the leeks were not growing well at all so went into the compost.  I’ll try again next year.

Still no sign of anything on the aubergine plant, but the leaves look healthy and are much bigger.

3/6 cauliflowers have now gone to the compost.  They were overridden with caterpillars.  I was picking them off daily, but they were out of control yesterday.  I covered with fine mesh netting a little too late, but I’ll be more prepared next year.

garden raspberries grow your own beginner - lylia rose uk lifestyle blogger

I dug up all my chantenay carrots!  Some were SO chunky!  I can’t wait to eat them.  I did try one smallish one raw and it was scrumptious.

The potatoes shouldn’t be ready until the end of October, but a couple of sacks had very wilted leaves and stems, so I decided to harvest one bag to see.  Some were so miniature and others were a good new potato size.  They still need longer, so I’ll try to resist digging any more up for another month or so!

Our raspberries just keep coming.  They’ve been producing all summer and I was surprised to see so many had appeared again yesterday.  They went into a delicious fruit smoothie for Bella and Reuben.

purple wildflowers in a pot - lylia rose uk lifestyle and garden blog post

We planted absolutely loads of wildflowers in a big border this year, but nothing seemed to surface.  I have been told to wait until next year as some varieties flower in the second year.  So, I have all fingers and toes crossed for an abundance of wildflowers next year.  I also planted a few in a pot by Bella’s playhouse and… they grew!  Yay!  Some beautiful long stemmed purple flowers!

purple wildflowers in a pot - lylia rose uk lifestyle and garden blogger