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The Goodness Project Review

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The Goodness Project Review | September 2015 

Amazingly we received TWO boxes this month!  My good friend had ordered me and Ben one as a wedding present which was a total surprise!  She hadn’t realised I already order them, but never fear as great minds think alike and it meant Ben got to take one whole box to work with him and get to experience the goodness all to himself – brilliant!  The boxes always contain things you want more, much more, of so doubling up is a win.

The September box was a goody.  Lots of scrumptious things to try and some hand cream which is definitely welcome at this time of year.  Here are my thoughts:

DESIGNED2EAT Brownie Fudge – warning – super gooey indulgence which must be eaten from cardboard packaging or else creates sticky mess all over fingers!  Ha!  Very scrumptious and feels like you are eating something truly naughty, but it’s actually full of healthy goodness.  It was so filling I had to eat it in two sittings!

TG Drinks Iced Green Tea  – I’m sad this contains added sugar so sadly I wouldn’t drink this again, but it was nice to try it the once.  It did taste nice and would be enjoyed if you like sweet drinks and aren’t turning into the ‘sugar police’ like I am.  I like actual green tea and drink every day so would prefer to just drink a green tea or make my own cold version if I wanted something potable and cool.  Added sugar is definitely not desirable and I try to avoid where possible.  Me and Ben are actually going to challenge ourselves to a no added sugar week very soon and I now try to limit any sugary snacks to once a week on ‘treat night Friday’!

INSPIRAL Raspberry Coconut Pecks – Oh my goodness, I’m typing this as I munch them!  They are so delicious! AND they contain baobab which I have posted about many a time in this here blog.  AND the packet is home compostable so you know where that will be going!  I’ve never tried anything like these before and they are so good.  Really yummy and a perfect not too bad sweet treat filled with coconut ‘pecks’ (chips), raspberries, palmyra blossom nectar (not too sure what this one is),beetroot, baobab and vanilla – not too bad eh?  These are like a bag of sweeties for the health conscious among us.  Brilliant!  I’ve already been scouring their website where there are loads more fantastic treats and I’ll be placing a snackfest of an order soon.

INECTO Argan Hand and Nail Cream – This must be the month of argan oil.  I was recently sent some pure argan oil to try and have been ever so impressed, so I was happy to see another argan oil product in my Flowbox.  I don’t often use handcreams, but when I do it’s always in the autumn and winter when the cold weather starts drying them out.  So, perfect timing!  This cream glides over the skin so easily and absorbs quickly.  It leaves my hands smooth, but not without grip.  It’s a really nice cream to use and I’m very pleased it contains the miracle ‘liquid gold’!

PASHMERE Chickpea Chips with Spinach – These had a strong Indian taste to me which I wasn’t expecting.  They are very delicious and I’ve so far eaten a few, but I’m saving the rest to enjoy with a curry!  I think they’ll be a unique addition to the side of my plate!  I love chickpeas so it was interesting to try entire crisps made from them.  Really good, but very savoury and strong flavoured, which is why I think I’ll enjoy them as part of a meal rather than a whole bag as a snack on their own.

TEATONICS  Ruby-Red Restorative and Nourishing Mate Spice – We were lucky to receive two different flavours to try across our two boxes this month.  I’ve quite recently got into herbal and spiced teas and now also drink 1-3 cups of green tea per day.  I’ve basically given up my daily coffee for over a year now which used to give me that horrible coffee buzz and then dreaded slump!  These teas come in lovely slick pouches and have a premium quality about them.  The Ruby-Red Restorative has even won a star in the Great Taste Awards 2015.  I enjoyed them both equally.  They were earthy, warming, suitably spiced and full of flavour.  I’m going to greatly enjoy a mugful each day as the season changes and weather cools.