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Reuben is 7 Months

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Reuben 7 Months Bedroom Ball Pit Boy Teething - Lylia Rose UK Family Lifestyle Blog

Reuben playing in his bedroom - October 2015

Reuben 7 Months Bedroom Ball Pit Boy Teething - Lylia Rose UK Family Lifestyle Blog

Reuben is seven months old today.  Wow.  It’s gone so quickly.  It did with Bella, but having two makes it go even faster!  Here’s what he’s up to now:

  • Sitting Up – we started sitting him up at five months wedged in a Widgey cushion.  He’s now mastered it and we’ve totally taken the Widgey away.  He was sitting at six months rather well by himself, but kept falling back every now and then.  He can sit up nonstop now and rarely falls over.  He has the perfect posture too – they sit beautifully upright at this age.  He loves sitting up and playing with his toys.  It’s his favourite thing to do and he’s not one for rolling around much yet.  He gets frustrated lying down and prefers to be upright.  Bella crawled at eight months, but I’m not sure if Reubs will as he doesn’t spend as much time rolling about yet.
  • Eating – Reuben is now on three meals a day.  I started at five and a half months as he was so ready.  Bella was the opposite and was weaned from the recommended six months, but didn’t start to show an interest in food or eating until seven months!  Reuben took to eating really well and was on three meals a day, be it only a few mouthfuls at first, within a couple of weeks.  He can now polish off a small sized pouch or half a regular sized pouch!  I give him a mixture of home cooked pureed/mashed food and store bought pouches.  I prefer Ella’s Kitchen pouches as I think they taste nicer and also last 48 hours in the fridge, whereas some others are only 24 hours.  I also give him Yeo yoghurts.  Yeo are organic and have no added sugar in their children’s yoghurts or natural yoghurt.
  • Sleeping – I am finally only up once per night!  This is usually around 3am.  He will go to bed at 7.30pm(ish) and wake at 6am with one feed.  Once we cut this last middle of the night feed out I will be super happy!  I would really like a full night’s sleep back now!
  • Napping – Usually 2-3 times per day.  Always one before lunchtime starting anywhere from 9.30 to 11am for around one hour.  Sometimes another after lunch at 2pm, but often this one is skipped.  The final nap will be late afternoon, before dinner.
  • Interacting – It’s amazing to watch babies start interacting as they continue to grow and develop.  He will sit and play with a selection of toys for a good while now and will also interact with people from across the room as well as face to face.  Playing ‘boo’ from the door or behind a sofa will guarantee a giggle!
  • Size – he’s over 20lb now!  He was weighed at his last hospital appointment (mid Sept), so will be a bit larger now too!  He’s been in size 6-9 month clothes since 5 months and they mostly still fit.  The sleepsuits are fine, but the joggers are rather snug!
  • Health – he seems totally normal, but we are aware he may need a third balloon dilation to the valve in his heart soon (he has pulmonary stenosis).  The results of the second aren’t very promising, but we are waiting to see his usual consultant at the end of October for his thoughts.
  • Teeth – I can see TWO teeth about to burst through!  The tops of his two bottom front teeth are right by the edge of the gum.  They are so clear to see!  He’s chewing EVERYTHING he can get his hands on, so I expect they’ll come through soon.  As soon as you pass him something it’s almost as if you can see him thinking ‘can I chew this?’!
  • Mood – He’s usually very happy and super smiley which is gorgeous to see!  It’s pretty easy to make him smile!  If he’s whingey it will be for a reason – feed, nappy, tired.  Luckily he’s not been one to cry for long periods of time and so far there hasn’t been any difference with teething.