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Cup of Chai

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Yogi Tea Organic Black Chai Review

My beloved green tea now has some competition… Chai tea!  This stuff is superb.  It’s Christmas in a cup – warming, spiced and utterly delicious.  I’ve found myself longing for a cup most days and not being satisfied with much else until I’ve had it!

I love the name too.  ‘A cup of chai’ has a great ring to it.  It’s so catchy and I want to say it every time I sip on my cup of chai!

I recently visited a friend and his partner offered me a cup.  I’d not had one before and fancied trying it as I’ve recently become a fan of herbal tea and consume antioxidant rich green tea daily, being keen on its health benefits and finding the taste quite pleasing also. As I supped my cup, I was instantly hooked.  ‘Don’t worry if you don’t like it’ she said.  ‘You don’t have to drink it’.  I actually loved it, and since my first tastes I’ve bought three boxes of the stuff!

I’ve also recently discovered that many of the brands and food I love are in a tiny section in my local supermarket, classed as ‘health and supplement’ foods, so they’re next to the medicines!  Like pure peanut butter, raw snack bars, coconut oil, energy balls and more foods I regularly eat.  I couldn’t believe I stumbled upon them in such an odd place.  So now I always check this section and saw this Yogi Tea Organic Black Chai not long after I’d had my first chai experience. I just had to buy it and now consume a cup daily!

Each Yogi teabag has a little message of wisdom on the tab.  It’s not dissimilar to opening a fortune cookie each time I pluck a bag from its packaging!

Black chai contains cinnamon, cardamom and ginger which give it a distinct flavour as well as a addictive spice kick. I like to drink it plain with no milk or sweetener - it tastes super delicious without.  Although not proven, the ingredients are renowned for having warming and cleansing properties and have been used for centuries for such. 

Either way, it’s an enjoyable hot drink as the nights draw in and the weather begins to cool.