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Baby essentials 6 months old

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I’ve made a few baby purchases recently as Reuben has come out of the very ‘baby’ stage and is now over six months old.  He's sitting up which means I now have a new list of baby essentials that I'd recommend for a six month old, or once they are sitting.  

If you're looking for a checklist for 6 month old baby then you're in the right place.  Here are the products that I have purchased recently and now couldn't be without.

Baby essentials for a 6 month old that will make your life easier

totseat alphabet review - red letter baby - lylia rose uk lifestyle blog -


What an awesome invention!  One time, with Bella, I’d visited a pub for lunch with my brother in law.  Bella was around nine months or so and needed a highchair, but they didn’t have one.  We managed to somehow strap her to a chair with her uncle’s belt and my hoody!  If only we’d had a Totseat.!

As soon as Reuben was sitting up I knew I would get one.  I’d seen the lovely Red Letter Baby posting links to them on Twitter, so purchased one once needed.  We’ve already used it several times whilst out for meals and even at home too.  It folds up into a tiny pouch and is machine washable.

It’s also nice for Reuben to sit at the table with us, rather than separately in his pushchair.  I can feed him with ease in restaurants and he’s perfectly safe and comfortable.  He’s too small for the larger wooden high chairs that most places tend to have, so this makes life much easier.

Before we would take it in turns to eat our meal whilst the other held and entertained the baby!

This is a must buy if you like to dine out.

antilop high chair ikea review - best baby buys 6 months - lylia rose lifes


Ikea Antilop Highchair

I’d seen these lots when we had Bella, but went for a much larger more comfortable looking padded highchair by Mamas and Papas.  It was great, but it does take up a lot of room and you can’t put baby by the table with everyone else.

I hate things being in my way so would always put this away after use, so was constantly moving it around.  I decided to try the Antilop highchair this time round after so many friends recommended it. 

Well, it arrived just a few days ago and it’s brilliant!

It’s shorter so fits at the table perfectly without the tray attachment.  It doesn’t take up much room so I’m permanently leaving it up which makes things much easier come meal time.

Reuben is sitting so bolt upright now that the hard plastic is not an issue as he’s not touching the sides.

They also sell a separate inflatable cushion if you did want some padding.

It’s less intrusive than our old highchair and fits in nicely to the room.

babyway bath seat white blue support 6 months holder - lylia rose lifestyle


Boots Babyway Bath Seat

Reuben outgrew the ergonomic bath support much quicker than Bella.  He’s about twice the size she was!

But bathing two, means I can’t always hold Reuben and before he was sitting totally upright for long periods I couldn’t let go of him in the bath.

This bath seat from Boots has made bathing Reuben and Bella a whole lot easier.  I can let go of Reuben and let him splash about without worrying he’ll fall over.

He absolutely loves bath time and playing independently!

Of course I would never leave him in the bath, but this seat lets me let go of Reuben whilst washing Bella’s hair or gathering towels.

ergobaby performance carrier - best baby buys 6 months - uk lifestyle blog

Ergobaby Performance Carrier

I was expecting to use our Amawrap for a good year with Reuben as I was thinking of Bella’s size, but he grew out of it by age four months!  They can last up to a one year old!

The Amawrap was amazing for those first few weeks keeping Reuben securely snug and so close to me, but as he put weight on so quickly, it began to stretch and sag if I wore it for long periods at around four months.

It was time for a new carrier!

I researched and found the best reviews for the Ergobaby carriers.

This 'performance' version looked lightweight and great for longer walks without being too hot.  It has three positions – hip, baby on front facing carrier and back.

Other versions by Ergobaby have a forward facing option for baby which I kind of wish I’d gone for as he’d love to look the other way!

For now I carry him facing me and he looks side to side to see what’s around.  It’s a fantastic carrier though and doesn’t pull at all.

Baby is in an ergonomic position and it’s easy to put on and take off, even by yourself in the middle of nowhere or at the car.

They are quite pricey, but definitely worth it.

I had one carrier with Bella, a lot cheaper, but it really pulled on my shoulders and back and she hated going in, so I never used one with Bella.

A carrier has been a lifesaver with two of them so I can still hold Bella's hand when walking about and we can easily walk the fields behind our house which we couldn't get into with a pushchair.


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