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SILLY Things I Worried About When Pregnant...!

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SILLY Things I Worried About When Pregnant...!

So I worried about the obvious such as how much it would hurt and whether the baby would be OK, but whilst pregnant with my first, I also worried about the most ridiculous things.  Here are the silliest things I remember worrying about:

  1. Will I recognise my baby?
    I'd not spent much time around lots of babies before having mine and they did all look very similar on packaging, right?! I was worried if my baby was put in another room with other babies that I wouldn't know which was mine.  Well, rest assured, you will definitely recognise your baby!
  2. Will I be able to change a nappy?
    I was so anxious about not being able to work out how to change a nappy (like it's rocket science) that I made me and Ben practice on a teddy before the birth.  Believe me, it's pretty simple, but there will be sleep deprived days where you try to put it on backwards, even after changing 1000 nappies!
  3. Will my baby like me?
    What if my baby screams with me, but instantly stops when anyone else holds them?  I've tended to be the preferred person when both babies where younger so didn't need to worry about this.  The mother-baby bond is quickly built and of course your baby will like you!
  4. What if I don't wake up when baby cries?
    No chance, especially in the first months when they are right next to your head.  If you're anything like me, just a little shuffle and you're wide awake checking them!
  5. What if baby is born with my awful nose?
    I am very self conscious about my nose and was actually thinking one day, imagine if baby was born with the full version.  Silly, I know.  Both have had perfect cute baby sized features!  I also think even if your baby was the ugliest baby ever born (though I'm not sure any baby can be ugly!), you, the mother, would still think baby is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen.
  6. What if I don't know how to dress baby properly?
    I packed my hospital bag according to numerous lists I found on the Internet, but what if baby was too hot/cold. Would they take baby off me because I've dressed them wrong? What if I can't dress baby? I don't want to break baby bending arms and legs.  So, it's a little tricky dressing baby, but you quickly get used to it. You also don't have to be quite as delicate as you may think!  I was acting like baby was a china doll at first.  It's definitely a lot easier than trying to dress a 3 year old who runs away from you, lies face down on the floor or flops all over the place!  Again, practicing on a teddy/doll is recommended to ease any worries!
  7. What if I don't know when to change/feed baby?
    Believe me, they let you know!