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Reuben the Bear has TWO Teeth!

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reuben the bear has two teeth - baby mummy parent blogger lylia rose uk

reuben the bear has two teeth - baby mummy parent blog lylia rose uk

Reuben the Bear has TWO Teeth!

Reuben’s two bottom teeth have come through in the past eight days!  The bottom left popped its jagged little edge through today and the first bottom left tooth appeared eight days ago on the 6th October.  Cute!

He keeps poking his little tongue out as it must feel so strange to suddenly have two teeth in his mouth.

He’s been ever so good.  A little sore bum, which I thought was the transition to solid poops, but perhaps it is the teeth.  Aside from this he’s had no symptoms.  The total opposite to Bella who was ill for around a week (which was unusual for her) and literally had an ear infection, nappy rash, sickness, bad tummy, irritable, cough, cold, runny nose – seriously, everything in a week, and then a tooth popped through and we were like Ah-Ha!  Bella’s first tooth appeared at six months.  Reuben’s at seven months.

This cute onsie from Tesco is SO adorable!  I wasn’t sure whether I liked it, but now I LOVE it.  It’s so cute.  My mum always sings ‘Reuben the Bear’ to Reuben in the tune of Rupert the Bear.  Bella has picked this up and sings it constantly.  So now we have a real Reuben Bear!!