Things to know before having a baby

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Things to know before having a baby

Being inspired by a great recent Twitter chat by Mumsnet called #familymoments which asked what people were most surprised by when they had a child, I decided to write this blog post so you are perhaps not surprised, but a little more prepared!

Having a baby is a big decision and here are lots of things to know before having a baby.

So, you want to have a baby? Be prepared for...

Things to know before having a baby (2)

Here are a few things you will need to be prepared for!

  • Endless amounts of washing
  • How normal it becomes to talk about poo
  • Having a never ending to do list
  • Changing several outfits per day on you/baby due to food/sick/wee/poo
  • Wondering if you'll ever get a good night's sleep again
  • Feeling tired.  All. The. Time.
  • Being given advice from anyone and everyone about how to raise a child
  • Saying 'it goes so fast/they grow so fast' at least a zillion times 
  • Having an audience when you shower/wee/cook/clean/anything...
  • Drinking cold cups of tea
  • Taking up to 45 minutes just to leave the house
  • Watching reruns of Peppa Pig for at least three years
  • Becoming a taxi, PA, cook, cleaner, dietician, nurse, doctor, teacher, carer...

But, that’s not all!

You must also be prepared for…

  • Feeling the most love & happiness you have ever felt for anyone ever
  • Having the best, most rewarding job in the world
  • Never being bored again
  • Finding simple things so incredible again
  • Appreciating time with your partner or by yourself so much more
  • Laughing and smiling every day
  • Feeling the most pleasure you can ever imagine when your children smile/laugh/learn something/be themselves/hug you, etc
  • Seeing the world through a tiny persons eyes and how much amazement it holds
  • Enjoying life so much more 
  • Not being able to put into words how much you truly adore your children 

Because, really, having children is the most amazing experience ever :)


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Things to know before having a baby


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