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I was kindly sent a personalised photo book from love2read for review.  I was able to create the book myself on their website to personalise it to my children.

love2read aim to help your children to learn to read with personalised photo story books.

Read on to see the quality of the book we ordered, what my children thought and my love2read review.

My love2read review

A personalised photo story book makes a great Christmas present

It’s such a fantastic idea for a Christmas present for your child or even for an adult!

I’ve wrapped this one up to give to Ben, my husband and the Daddy of this book, for Christmas!  It will be his very special bedtime story for him to read to Bella and Reuben. 

Bella loves it

Bella has already seen it, and she was so excited by the personalised story with photos that she recognised.

It’s all about her Daddy with pictures of Ben, Bella and Reuben.  It's actually so heart-wrenchingly sweet to read!

As soon as we finished reading it together, she started reading it again to herself, which was just perfect for me to capture these cute photos.

She is only three and a third, so can’t read words just yet, but she remembered nearly all the words as she looked through the photos.

That's the aim of the book.  It's repetitive and by repeating the same key words it aims to help children recognise them and start to learn to read them.

love2read personalised story reading photo book - lylia rose lifestyle uk b

love2read personalised story reading photo book - lylia rose lifestyle uk b


Learn to read with love2read

Bella loves the alphabet and loved telling me the letters she could see on the last page.

As she grows older this page will be great for her to recognise the common words in the book and begin to actually read them.

Easy to create your own photo story book with love2read

The ordering process was so simple at the love2read website.  I created the book really quickly and it was obvious what to do.

You can preview your book online before you buy to make sure you're happy with everything before paying and ordering.

I made a few edits as I went along, but still managed completed my book really quickly.  Honestly, it takes no time at all which is great if you need to order a few or create different books for different children or family members.

love2read personalised story reading photo book - lylia rose lifestyle uk b

love2read books are a perfect family keepsake

Not only is the book a great Christmas gift idea, or birthday, but a sweet family keepsake we will always treasure.

I’m sure this will be the bedtime story of choice for both Bella and Reuben for years to come.  It's always so amazing for children to see a real life book with their name or photos of them!


If you want to make your own family photo story then pop to