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The Goodness Project Subscription Box Review: October 2015

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Flowbox Mini Vegan Subscription box October 2015 contents review blog

Flowbox October 2015 – Mini Vegan Subscription Box Review (now called The Goodness Project)

Cherry Sweet & Cherry Good.  Snack Bar
I am a big fan of cherries.  I love sour cherry juice and to eat, I prefer the sweet variety.  When I was younger my Gran used to always give me a pot of glace cherries for my birthday, which would usually disappear in a single sitting.  OK, so they mainly taste of syrupy sugar, but I still loved the cherry-ness!  This bar totally took me back to those days.  It has a rich and very welcoming cherry taste and I enjoyed every mouthful.  It made me think, why are there not more cherry goodies out there?  It’s such an enjoyable flavour.  I really liked this snack bar.

Popcorn Kitchen Sea Salt & Olive Oil
This scrumptious popcorn is hand popped in a kettle!  I did my usual very unladylike shovelling too much popcorn into my mouth, which seems to be the standard acceptable way to eat this stuff!  Their mission is to create ‘the best popcorn you’ll ever taste’.  Well, it’s pretty good.  I’m normally a fan of sweet over savoury popcorn, but I still kept wanting more and shovelling away.  Very yummy and only three ingredients – popcorn, salt and olive oil.

The Raw Chocolate Co Vanoffe
I’ve banged on about this company a few times.  Not only do I love their choccie bars, but I regularly buy their ingredients AND I even make my own chocolate with their cacao butter, coconut sugar and cacao powder.  I love this company and it was a pleasure to see them on Dragons’ Den recently.  This vanoffe bar is super tasty with a very unique flavour.  I’ve never tasted it anywhere else.  As the name suggests it is a vanilla toffee like flavour.  You must check out this company if you haven’t already!

Dragonfly Indian Spice Chai Tea
Only recently have I declared my love for chai tea, so I was delighted to receive a free sample of Dragonfly’s version in this months Flowbox.  It was just as scrumptious as the variety I have at home.  It’s so warming, Christmassey and moreish.  You can read more in the link about what I think about chai tea!

Cauli Rice Flavoured Cauli Rice
I was worried about this one at first as we don’t have a microwave and it looked very microwavey.  But, luckily, you can also heat in a pan, phew!  This is the only one we haven’t tried yet, but I’m sure we’ll make a homemade curry and use this as our rice soon.  I love cauliflower so I’m sure I’ll approve!

Natur Organic Rye Sticks
Bella just loves those dairylea dunkers, but I don’t so much as they are quite processed with a few ingredients.  So, I had a brainwave with these.  I served on a plate alongside a dollop of full fat soft cheese (only one ingredient = milk) and called it a ‘dip dip’ as she says.  Well, being three, this was just like her beloved dip dip and she quickly scoffed the lot and asked for more.  Result.  I, too, enjoyed this homemade dip dip as much as Bella.  These rye sticks are super tasty and great with soft cheese.

Superjam 100% Fruit Jam
Um, hello, this is exactly how jam should be.  NO ADDED REFINED SUGAR.  Yes Please.  When you taste this stuff you will realise that there is absolutely no need to sweeten the deal with rot your teeth make you insulin resistant refined  sugar.  It’s totally delicious and 100% fruit.  I’ve been spreading this on chunky slices of our three ingredient homemade wholemeal bread (you must invest in a breadmaker) and it’s divine.